December 17, 2008

Tribute To The School Of Love

Shah You Cheeky Lil Boy =P

Hello Hello.. I'm Writing This Post At 4.39 In The Morning =.=
Gosh..What Am I Doing La , Up And SoOo Awake At This Time o.o?
Well.. Simple.. BLOGGING Lor o.o

Sigh.. I'm Not Tired
I Don't Know Why
There Goes La.. My Sleep Cycle Down The Drain
I'm So Going To Fall Sick Soon (Again) =.=

Gurtej With His Smile =P

Spent The Whole Day Yesterday Sleeping
And At Night
Went For Late Dinner With Lev
After That , Watched Ka Kit  , Ka Lun & Lev Play Pool
At 2.30 A.M. Plus Plus 
Went To The CC For Some COD 4
Damn I Love To Knife =P
Now , Back Home And Blogging Lor o.o

Now "That" Is Done

So , How Are You?
Yea You
The One Reading This =.=

Gosh =.= Why Do You Think This Is Weird?
Weird Meh?
I Don't Think So Wor
Seems Fine To Me

How's Your Day?
Interesting ? Not Interesting?
Fine Fine , I'll Stop ..

Wuahahahaha =.=
Ok That Was Totally Random
Feel Damn Bimbo-ish Wei o.o

Yeaup.. I'm Right ..
I AM Going To Fall Sick >.>

Sue Ann And And Tej With His Smile Again =P

Baanu And Gurtej With His Smile Yet Again xP

Su Su And Leena  =)

LoL , The Outsiders From Another School
Baanu And Jiashen

Hehe =)
Nadrah Was All Dressed Up That Night =)

I Can't Think Of Anything Now La
Hmm , I Miss RDCG =( =P
LoL.. I'm Giving Myself 5 More Days xD

Anyway , I Was Suppose To Join Gurtej And The Rest 
For The After Party( Talking And.. Drinking? )
But Well , As I Promised .. I Won't Drink Again =P
Although They Did Try Persuading Me
I Guess , It's Only Up To Me To Discipline Myself

Who Knows.. One Day , When I Start Drinking Again
Some Rapist Would Start Following Me And All
Use Chlorofoam Try To Make Me Faint And All That
Next Thing I Know
I Wake Up Having A Major A** Pain
How How? I Don't Want To Lose My Virginity And All In An Alley You Know =(

Really Don't Want That Too Happen =(
Paranoid Much? o.O

Well, If Others Can Live Happily Without Drinking
So Can I =P
Cheh Wah * Cock And Bull Story =.=

James, What You Trying To See La?
Man B**bs? =P LoL Joking La James =P
Look At That Two Kepochi On The Right =P
Jealous Ar? =P

Anyway.. Something Important
Look At Sanoj's Mouth

Look At The Way He Pouts =O

LoL , Even More Pouting?
LoL .. Yeng Right =P ?

LaLaLa , 
Well , That's All For Now I Guess
Will Update My Blog Yet Again Sooner Or Later =P
Pretty Lazy Right NowLa =P
I Just Want To Chill And Think Of Her For A While =P

The Vi's
One More Thing
Every Picture WIth Vivian Inside , 
She Shlumps o.O
Why Shlump Vivian? =P

LoL .. Jafreak And Sien =D

LoL.. It Looked Like An  Akward Moment

TTDI Badmintion Players =P

Blah o.o

Next Update Will Mainly Be Pictures Of The Crowd On The Dance Floor =P



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