December 4, 2008

The Line Was Alive

The Trip To Genting With My Friends Was Like An Escape To Paradise

After A Year Of Exams And Stress 
Genting Was Just The Right Place To Blow Of The Steam =P

Well , For Now .. I Won't Write Much
I Seriously Can't Think Of Anything To Write..
Still Recovering From The Sore Throat

Maybe It's Because Of The BBQ Thingy We Had On The First Day In Genting
Damn -.- So Annoying

Hmm.. I Feel Like Eating Fries .. Seriously
I Miss It .. =(

Fries With Some Chilli =(
WoOoOo.. Yet , I'm SoOo Lazy
Gah..  Laziness Is Taking Over Me

Look At Surendran's Expression xD

Now Now.. Don't Fight Kids xD

Around 4 or 5 Like That.. We Went Swimming
Played Water Polo .. And.. Well I Can't Remember
We Even Went On The Kids' Slide
Damn Fun Slide =)
So Fast =P

Karam  Hammered His Knee On The Floor When He Did Some Funny Stunt
While Coming Down The Slide xD

Karam And His Hair xD
Long Eh?
Look At His Arm Pit Hair xD Joking Joking xD

LoL.. Surendran And Karam
Slipknot? Nah.. Sleepnode

The Guys After Swimming xD

Spending Time At The Bath Tub =O

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