November 30, 2008

Mondays A No

Okaaaay.. I'll Be Going To Genting Later With The guys
Will Be Back On The Wednesday =P

So Yea.. 
Hope I Come Back With More Pics xD

Shenn =P


Picture From Japan

Here's A Story About What Happened To Me In Japan That I Didn't Tell You Guys =P
Well.. It Was Dinner Time Already And Me And Suhairy Was Late

So .. In A Rushing Manner
We Wore Our Yukata( Japanese Traditional Apparel)
** A Yukata Is Like A Kimono **

Supposedly.. When You Wear The Yukata
Your Not Suppose To Wear Anything Else Inside =P
Including Girls =P

So Yea.. At That Time.. I Wore A T-Shirt And 3 Quarter Pants Together With The Yukata
I Admit I Broke The Rules xD
Cause Well.. I Wouldn't Want To Eat With My *Ukhm* Dangling There xD
Quite Uncomfortable When I Did It The First Day

The Yukata That Time Was Different
It Consisted Of Two Parts
The Top Part( To Cover The Body )
And The  Pants
* Maybe It Was A Samue , But I Remember The Tour Guide Telling Us It Was A Yukata * 

The Pants.. You Have To Tie It With A String To Prevent It From Falling
Can't Remeber Whats The Name Of The String
But It's The 1 They Use Like When You Go For Taekwando..
To Tie Around Your Waist

So Yea.. When Me And Suhairy Arrived At The Dinner Room
We Just Stood There

Dinnner Wasn't Ready Yet La.. Lucky..
So Mingled Around A Lil Bit More

Then Suddenly
A Waitress Came In
Put The Food Down And Walked Out

I Was Like.. Cool.. Ok La.. Can Eat Edi
Suddenly.. When I Turned Around

I Noticed That Everyone Was  Looking At Me
* Moment Of Silence *
So I Was Like .. Wtf? o.o

Then Everyone Started Laughing
Apparently.. My Pants*The Yukata* Fell
I Didn't Tie The String Tightly Enough Around My Pants 
So My Pants Fell
Infront Of 15 Ppl ( 14 Photographers And 1 Tour Guide)

Haiyoo.. It's Quite Embarassing
FUIYO.. I Tell You.. If I Didn't Wear 3 Quarter Pants That Day=.=
And To Be In A Room Filled With 14 Profressional Photographers

 Every Single Thing
Snap Snap Snap..
I Tell You.. I Would Be .. SoOo.. = .= xD

I'll Find The Pic Of Me With My Fallen Yukata Pants Soon
If The Others Still Have It =P

Here's A Tip Guys
Just Listen To Your Conscience At Times
Even Though You Know It's Wrong But Yea
xD It Can Seriously Save You xD

Well .. It Did For Me



November 29, 2008

Everything Goes Blunt

Okay.. It Was Tough Taking Pictures In A Low Light Condition
Blasting My Flash Would Just Spoil The Mood =(

Sorry It's Blur Guys =\
Maybe We Should Repeat The Same Thing Again

In A Brighter Condition =P
Maybe In Genting =D


Yet Another Year =)

Happy Birthday Vinod
It Was Another Good Night La
Hanging Out With You All ( Vinod , Surendran , Gurtej , Kavin , Reshvin , James And Viknesh )
 Was Great

I'll Just Post A Few Pics First
I'll Continue With The Rest Maybe Later Today xD

It's Like 2.36 Now xD
I'm Still Not Sleeppppppyyyy

Well.. I Can't Wait To Go Genting
To Chilll Ouuuuuttt .. WoOoo

Reshvin Shuffling The Cards

Big Mafia? No la Small Boy =P

Camwhoring Moments

LoL.. Missing In Action
Jafri , Tim And Sanoj .. LoL

I Like This Pic =P

Lala-Fied =P

To Be Continued =P


November 28, 2008

Almonds Are Bigger Then Nuts o.o?

One Shot Down? xP Haha
Notice Sanoj's Ear?
He Just Pierced

It Was A Good Night After The EST Paper
Just To Hang Out With My Friends And All
Priceless Moments Man

Damn La.. I'm Scared
It's Like How My Seniors Tell Me 

'You Better Enjoy Your Secondary School Life
Cause You're Going To Miss It So Badly When You Go To College '

Well.. I Guess I'll Truly Miss My Friends La..
School Wouldn't Have Been Great Without Them

Firstly Jafri.. For Always Cracking Up Lame Jokes
.. Lame Mexican Jokes =.=
'What's A Mexican's Favourite Superhero?'
'Juanderwomen' =.= Geez

Sanoj For His
Strong Principles And
'Acheee Cheee Chee'

Vinod For His
Smartness.. Yes..The Guy Who Never Studies And Yet Still Manages To Get Straight A's
Also.. For The Way He Calls Himself .. Don IV ( Terballikan Vinod)

Surendran For His
Way To Critic People xD

Gurtej For His
Habit Of Playing With His Hair =P
And His Guitar Skills

Kavin For His 
Way To Annoy People xD

Tim For His
Chinamaness xD
And Clumsy-ness =P

Reshvin For His
Million Interesting Stories xD

And So On La k =P

Oh Yea.. And Nicole
For Her Perkyness ( At Times ) xD


Well.. After The EST Paper
All Of Us Hanged Out At One Utama

Typical? I Guess
But Naaaah
(And NoOo.. We Didn't Watch Twilight >.> =P )

At 8 We Went To Gurtej's House
The Dad Was Really Nice

Belanja Us All
Let Us Drink All xD

Well.. In Return
We Don't Go Home Sober La

xD But We Played A Few Card Games
And We Talked A LOT

A Good Talk xD
Loads Of Information Spill

But Too Bad I Couldn't Stay With Them Till The End
Had To Go Back Early*1 A.M.* (Well ,  Earlier Then Most Of Them )

But Nevermind
It's A Day I'll Never Forget La xD

The Companion Of The Night

Both Of Them Just Pierced

Reshvin's Quote
I Look Fine But I Guess You Truly Don't Know What's Really  Going On In My Head

Reshvin Is Holding My My Remote =P

And Us 
( From The Right: Me With My Remote, Vinod With His Knife , Sanoj With His Finger , Reshvin With Sanoj On Him xD And Surendran )

Well.. Vinod Is Throwing A Small Party Later
Can't Wait For It xD

That's All For Now =P


I See You See Me

Pause At The 57th Second And.. I Can't Remember The Other 1

I'll Get Back To It Soon xD

Shenn xD

Tag I'm It?

Well.. This Will Be The First
And The Last xD
I Don't Know Why But I'm Just Lazy To Do Tags

I Have Been Tagged By Robyn

1.The person who tag you is?
-Roooobyyyynnnn TTSY =P
2.Your relationship with him/her?
- LoL.. Just friends
3.Your 5 impressions of him/her?
-Desperate (To Have A Toy Poodle) =P
-Randum de dum
4.The most memorable thing he/she had done for you?
-Everything =)
5.The most memorable thing he/she had said to you?
-Will Name Her Toy Poodle Sean xD
6.If he/she is going to be your lover, thing he/she has to improve on will be?
-Her... Hm.. I Guess.. Nothing?
7. If she/he becomes your enemy, you will?
-Make Love Not War o.o? =P
8. (Repeat Question)
9. What is it you want to tell her now?
-I Want To See You Name Your Dog Sean xD
10. Your overall impression of him/her is?
-Easy Going Girl
11. How do you think ppl around you will feel being around you?
-Baffled * Prolly Wondering Why I'm So Pale And Weird *
12. The characters you love of yourself are?
-Being Lame
13. On the contrary,the characters you hate yourself are?
-Short Attention Span
14. The most ideal person you want to be is?
-Hmm.. Myself =)
15. For people that care and like you, say something to them.
-Make Sure You Know What I Want For Christmas xD

16.Pass this quiz to 10 people that you wish to know how they feel about you
1- Timothy
2- Jafri
3- Nicole
4- Sanoj
5- Vinod
6- Diyana
7- Gurtej
8- Reshvin
9- Han Liang
10- Amanda
19. If no. 1 and 7are together, will it be a good thing?
 Bad? Tell Me How Would I Make Love To A Stick ? xD =P
20. What is no. 2 studying about?
-How To Get The Girl He Likes To Notice Him
21. When was the last time you had a chat with no. 3?
-15 Minutes Ago
22. What kind of music band does no. 8 like?
-Panggera? Is That How You Spell It? Banggera? =.= Paai Music La K?
23.What is no. 10 doing now?
-Prolly Listening To TVXQ
24. Is no. 7 the sexiest person in the world?
-Sorry La Paai.. Maybe Next Time k? xD

25. Does no. 1 have any pets?
-Prolly Voon Hung His Uncle xD
26. Are no. 1 and 5 best friends?
-Quite Close Friends I Guess
27. What colour does no. 4 like?
-Anything As Long Visible xD
28. Where does no. 9 live?
-Far But Not So Far Away 
29. Have you tried developing feelings for no. 8?
-Why In The World? Well Maybe For His Panggera SkillsxD

30. Talk about something for no. 1
-Well No.1.. Something ar....Something Refers To Anything In Everything
31. Where is no. 2 studying at?
-Youtube =.=
32. Does no. 5 and 9 get along well?
-How I Know? Stop Asking Me Questions T.T
33. What is a hobby of no. 10?
-Yet Again. Listening To TVXQ xD?
34. What is the surname of no. 5?
- Moganaraj
35. Is no. 4 single?
-I Guess He Won't Be Soon.. You Horny Lil Buggeeeerr =P
36. Will you woo no. 3?
-Wooooo huhuhuhuhuhu =P Depends
37. How about 7?
-Do You Really Think I'm Having An Affair With Number 7?
38. Does no. 6 have any siblings?
-Yup.. A Sis And A Brooo

November 27, 2008

Well Who Cares xD?

Time To Chill Out La Dae xD
SPM Is Over Wei xD

Well.. It's Better Then Just Staying At Home To Rot
*That Was What I Did For PMR =.=*

When It Ended
All I Did Was Just..
PS2 - Need For Speed =.=

Gay Celebration
I Learnt My Lesson xD

Today Was Different
Special Abit

Well.. Will Blog About It Soon =P


November 25, 2008

He Is Full Of Lies/Lice

I Was Petting My Dog The Other Day
And I Felt A Lump On His Back

At First .. I Assumed
It Was Some Kind Of Dog Pimple Thingy Merjiggy On His Back
So I Continued Petting Him

Then I Felt Another Lump On His Back.. Again
I Got Scared La..
Like.. Why So Weird One.. =.=

OuH God.. That Eerie Feeling I'll Never Forget

For The First Time In 4 Years
My Dog Has TICKS

Maybe It's Because Of The New Shampoo My Mom Bought For My Dog
A Different Brand * Cheaper *

Gah.. Until Now.. I Still Feel So Disgusted
The Ticks Were HUGE

Not 1 or 2 or 10.. 

My Mom Had To Pluck Them Out 
One By One..

Now.. My Dog Is Like Partially Grounded From Coming Into The House

Bad Ah Fook.. Really Really Bad..
LoL.. Gah.. I Still Feel Disgusted

It's Like A Pimple That Is As Huge As A Volcano Going To Erupt On Your Face
And You Accidentally Tasted It =O



My Cousin's Sister's Brother's Mother's Husband's Daughter's GrandDaughter's Grandfather Is My Cousin =D

Well.. For My Sister's Birthday
We Went To Swensens
The 1 In P.J.

Quite Dissapointed Though
The Food Was Just So So
And The Meat Wasn't As Fresh As I Thought It Would Be

How About The Ice Cream?
Well... I Can't Remember What I Ordered

But It Was Some Strawberry Vanila Something Something
Ok Eni La

What Happened Man o.o?
oOo.. I Was Truly Dissapointed

Shenn =\

Womenostart O.o?

Here Is Sanoj's Picture
Hmm.. I'm Currently Using My Dad's New Laptop

The Screen Is Pretty Tiny
22cm By 13cm
And The Battery's Life Span Sucks =.=

I Just Installed Photoshop AGAIN

But I Think The Laptop's Screen Still Needs 'Calibrating' =O
I Can't Seem To Get The Colours I Want

It's All Weird
Sorry If Any Weird Colour Pops Out In My Pictures>.>



2 More =P

I'm Pretty Excited =P
Two More Papers Left=) 
Finally.. Wooo

I Feel Quite Relax Now=)

I'm So Anxious To Go Out
Even If It Is To Tesco=.=

It Has Been A Really Tiring Month=(=

Gah.. Anyway..
I Got A New Toy =P

Camera Item La>.>
Nothing Biggy Actually
Just A Remote
Which I Find Really Useful

I Can Be In Group Pictures With My Friends

No More Running To And Fro To The Camera
To Just Click The Shutter Button

Yum ^^


November 20, 2008

Blame Boredom




Pointing Out Just Faking In

7 Papers Done - 3 More To Go

Well.. Sorry.. No Pictures For Now
But There Are A Few Songs That I'm Currently Listening To Over And Over Again On My Phone

I Like =)

One Of It Is
 Fast Ball -  Was I Out Of My Head
Just Listen To It ( IF YOU LIKE OLDIES )


November 15, 2008

Mad Maths

2 More Days To The Add Maths Exam >.<
I'm Scared>.>



November 12, 2008

Remember.. Remember.. Bye Bye

Ahh.. 3 Papers DONE..
BM Was Sad-dening
English Was..
Sejarah Was Tiring

Maths Tmrw.. WoOoOoOoOoOo
Feeling More Relax Now

These Pictures Were Taken Last Week
On Friday

* Apparently The Last Day Of A Normal School Day For Us *
I Love It When The Sky Is Blue =)
Ahhh.. Will Miss My Friends

Here Are My Very Patriotic Friends =P



& Reshvin

Sanoj's Picture Is Missing
Or Maybe Just Not In The Laptop

I'll Upload It Soon
Sry xD


November 7, 2008

Hammer Me And Leave Me

I'm Just Another 1


Seal Goes Thumb Thumb Thumb

Will Miss This View =(
SPM Is Just Next Week >.<


November 5, 2008

Avoid For Safety

Mr Yu's B.M. Tuition Class

It Was Always Funny With Mr Yu Around
And It Was Always Easy & Comforting With The Other Students Around

* From Left *
Me , Jarita , Han Liang , Ping Chien , Kent , Lilyn & Alvin
Sitting Down = Mr Yu

One Of The Best Tuition Class I Ever Joined 

Hope To See You All Again Next Time
Will Miss This Class =(=

November 4, 2008

It Was All Lies..

I Won't Survive This Mosh Pit..


Standing In The Light

That Was When You Caught Me


November 2, 2008

Wilted Hopes And Navesou-p

To Me , Canon Photo Marathon 2008 Was Fun
Fun In A Sense That It Was Really Challenging
It Was Tough To Even Just Interpret The Theme

But I Guess I Have To Say
This Year's System Is Quite Bad

Not Only That The Details Of Competition Were Incomplete
* Copied And Paste Details Of Last Year's Competition Rules , Regulations And Etc *

I Pitied Those Participants Who Had To Travel By Foot
( From Times Square To The Pavilion To KLCC)

This Year.. My Dad Took Me Around
And I Have To Say I Was Lucky
Driving Around KL Can Be A Killer
Aggressive Road Hogs Everywhere =.=

My Dad Who Knows  The Road Around KL Fairly Well
Gave Me The Time Advantage

Hehe.. Even For The Third Theme
It Was Possible For My Dad
To Drive  Me Back All The Way To TTDI 
To Take Pictures Of TJ..

Gah.. Anyway  
The First Theme Was
'Indulge Metropolitan'

A Real Tough 1
For Now , I Can't Seem To Find The Picture I Submitted
-.- AHHH
I'll Find A Similar Picture As Soon As I Get Bored Again

The Second Theme Was ..
'Mess In Rules'
I Had Damn A Lot Of Fun For This Theme

Dad Took Me To Pudu
I Feel Like Going Back There Again Next Time =P

This Shot Was Taken At The Train Station At Masjid Jamek

For The Third Theme
'Goes Green'
I Didn't Really Do Much
Like I Said
Dad Drove Me Back All The Way To TTDI
* I Will Upload A Few More Pictures Next Time *

In The End
I Submitted These Pictures

Mess In Rules

Goes Green

The Event Ended Late
Beyond As Planned

I Guess .. Majority Came Back 

I Was Disappointed Too But With Only 1 Of The Judges Decision
The Best Of Theme For 'Mess In Rules' * DSLR Category *

Didn't See How The Winner's Picture Related To The Theme
I Still Remember What The Judge Said To Us When He Was Asked To Comment On Our Pictures

* You Must Shoot Within The Perimeter *

Well.. Photography Is Subjective
But.. Hey
Congratulations To The Winners =)

That's All For Now
Toodles 1 And 0