December 10, 2008

Nothing Is Going To Change My World

I Find It Really Saddening To See Dogs Being Mistreated
I Know.. In Some Of Us .. We Wish We Could Just Do Something About It
But Then.. There Is Always A  Part In Us That Tells Us To Just Pretend Like There's Nothing Happening.. And We Should Just Walk Off.. Well.. Don't

I Use To Assume That My Neighbour's Dog Is Always Being Mistreated
Wanted To Report It To The SPCA
But I Was Wrong

After A Few Weeks Of Observation..
I Realised That  The Dog ( Still A Puppy ) Is Just Plain Pampered
It Just Seeks A Lot Of Attention
It Needs To Feel Cared For And Loved =)

It Is The Same With Us Humans 
We Seek So Much Attention From The People We Care For
Hoping That They'll Never Leave Us Even At Any Point

Through Hardship , We Wish That They Are Always There By Our Side
To Help Us And To Guide Us

We Feel Safer When Our Friends Are Around Us 
And We Panic When We Are Alone

So .. Treat Animals Like How You Want Your Friends To Treat You..
They Have Feelings Too..
Don't Be An Idiot La =)

We All Have Feelings .. 
Trust Me.. It's Not Hard At All 


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