December 28, 2008

Somewhere Cold

Yea.. I've Been Sleeping Really Early In The Morning ( Between 3 To 4 a.m. )
And I'll Always Be Getting Up Really Late (  Between 11a.m. And 1p.m. )
It Sucks =.=
Cause.. I Hate To Know That My Whole Morning Is Gone Due To Sleeping

After That.. Usually After Lunch
I'll Take A Walk Around Taman Tun
With My Camera.. Snap Here.. Snap There
Hmm.. Exercising Is Good =)

Well.. That Day.. Took Pictures Of A Few Cats
Hmm.. I'm Still More Of A Dog Fan Then Cats
Dogs Are.. Way Cuter?
And Their Sh*t Don't Stink As Much As Cats' Sh*t

xD Pity Ah Fook
He Is Infested With Ticks Again
My Mom Suspects That The Dog From A Few Blocks Away
Comes Over Every Night To Visit Ah Fook =O

My Dog Having A Relationship =O ?
Like He Has Not Gotten Enough Attention From Us =.=

Well.. Not From Me La =P
I Still Refuse To Pet Him At Times
Due To My Sensitive Skin =.=

So Now .. I'm Not Sure What My Mom Is Going To Do About It
Since Ah Fook's Special Shampoo Seems To Be Ineffective


SO.. How Are You Going To Celebrate New Years?
Go Curve?
Go OU?
Go Clubbing?
Go Drinking?
Throw Cans At A Police Officer?

Don't Be Silly La =.=
Know Your Limits

The Cat Was Sleeping In That Position
Till I Woke It Up

A Cat And A Kitten =)

Purrr o.o?

Don't Be Scared Of Me xD


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