February 24, 2010


We Sat There In The Hall..
With An Unexpected Guest Right In Front , Playing The Piano
It Felt , Perfect
For The First Time Ever.. It Felt Really Good
45 Minutes Of Ease And Comfort


February 7, 2010

I'm A Cheap Imitation

Who Knew I'd Be Late Just By One Day
The Thought Never Really Came Through My Mind..
I'm An Ass

Anyway.. This Post Is For My Bro..
Who Was Always There For Me
Who Taught Me Everything I Knew About Photography..

Hmm.. Bro.. I've Really Regretted For Treating You This Way
And Yes I Know You Hate Me Now

But I Understand
I Treated You Like Dirt..

There Are Times When I Do Try Talking To You
Yea But I Was Scared.. Still Am
Not Sure Why Though

You Were Always So Welcoming ..
Even Your Family

But We Just Grew Apart
Since Day 1
I Still Can Remember Every Single Thing You Did For Me..

Every Skill Of My Photography Was Adapted From Yours

You Could Basically Say I'm A Cheap Imitation Of You And Your Skills
Yea.. You Still Rock Bro ..
Can Never Compete With You

Hmmm.. Without You.. I Wouldn't Have Gone To Japan
Or Even Win That 70-200mm

You Taught Me Every Single Thing I Needed To Know
And Even Bought Me My First 50mm Lens

Which I Accidentally Knocked It Into The Wall o.o
Now It's Broken =X

But I Have No Heart To Throw It Away
Cause It's A Special Gift From You

I Hope Things Would Work Out For You
And I Hope One Day We Will Go Back To Starbucks Again And Have A Drink Like How It Used To Be..

Bah.. Sry Bro..

You Rock By The Way

Happy Birthday Levine..
You'll Still Be Considered My Greatest Teacher


February 6, 2010



Hey Peepsters
Yea, I'm Back To Blogging On This Blog Just For The Fun Of It

But I'll Definitely Update My Other Blog
This Is Just Another Blog For Me To Rant And Voice My Disgust Over Stuff That Pisses Me Off -.- Emo Stuff Practically

But Nevertheless , There Will Still Be Pictures

Anywhooo, I'm Trying My Best To Be Ignorant About The Stuff Happening Around Me
As A Matter Of Fact.. I Still Hate IMU.. Yes I HATE IMU
It Sucks To The Core..

Even Though I'm Smiling Most Of The Time ,
Deep Inside Of Me , I'm Just A Bottle Of Grade A Grape Flavoured Champagne ..

Who Knew That It Would Turn Out This Way?
Since January 09 , I've Been Wanting To Enter IMU
But I Realised Now .. It's Just A Disaster

.. And Will Time Heal Everything?
Goodness, How I Hate That Phrase ..

Well.. That's All For Now.. Gotto Go Back To Being To Be That Jolly Wolly Ass Hole That I Am Again



Ps.. If You're Able To Read This Blog
You're Among The People That I Truly Trust And Cherish =)

July 10, 2009

I Moved To Another Blog =D

This Blog Would Still Be Here For Reminiscence =P


July 2, 2009

Give Me A Lil Bit More Time =(

June 15, 2009

June 12, 2009

ICPU's Prom

They Spelled My Name Wrongly

Will Update Soon =D