December 24, 2008

Enter My Broken Home

I Remember Everything About Us
Every Single Thing That Matter To Us

From The Smallest Detail To The Biggest & Most Obvious
It's All Still Stuck In My Head

From Our Song
To The Clothes You Wear On Every Outing
And The Way You Hold My Hand For Every Movie We Watched Together

But , To Think Of It..
For The Things You Said No At
For The Things We Always Fought About
I Really Couldn't Take It Anymore

Even The Simplest Thing Matter To Me
But Just To Spend Quality Time With You
It Was Hard

You've Known For Me Almost A Year
Yet You're Still Shy When You're Around Me
Why ? I Really Don't Understand Why..

Repeatedly , I Told You I Didn't Care
Yet , You Always  B*tch And Whine About It

I Hated You For It..
It Was Hurtful To Me..

How Dare You Even Ask Me That Question
It Is A Mistake That You Almost Repeated Again

You're Lazy When It Comes To Me..
Take Things For Granted
Always Expecting The Easy Way Back In To Me

I Was A Fool
I Gave You Too Many Chances
But I'm Feeling Better Now That
We Have Ended


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