March 30, 2009

Missing The Crazy Bunch

Yeauppp .. Just Like What The Title Says =P
Haha.. Old Pictures..
Just Wanna Upload For Fun =P



March 28, 2009


Picture Taken During The Blood Donation Drive In Taylors
Li Ji Volunteered To Donate =P

And The Girls Volunteered To Take Some Pics With Her xD

Shenn o.O

Is It Settled Yet?

Presenting , G2's 'Babest Of All Babes' =P
* As Stated By Daniel And Sean * xD

We Were Just Playing A Fool =P
As Usual.. 

Anyway , On Friday , When I Was Suppose To Meet Up With My Friend For Brunch
Shu Jun Was Curious To See Who I Was Going To Go Out With

But In The End =P She Didn't Manage xD
Because  The 'Appointment' Got Canceled Last Minute..
She Even Skipped Lunch Just For It xD
Sry Shu Jun xD But , Haha =P

There's A Story Behind It All La.. Dum Dum Dum =P

Haha.. Nvm =P Anyway, I Got To Get Back To My ESL Work Draft Thingy
I'm Only A Quarter Way Through =(


Shu Jun's Hand

Shu Jun The Happy Go Lucky Girl =P


March 24, 2009

Multitasking Hair Ball

Hello Helluu..
Well.. My Phone Is Officially Dead..

Dead As In.. The Screen Can't Seem To Work
My Visually Impaired? .. Phone =(

The Phone Still Works La..
Like , If You Want To Play Songs , 
You Just Have To Press The Correct Buttons And All

And If Someone Calls , You Can Still Pick Up
Just That You Don't Know Who Is Actually Calling Before Hand =.=
SaAaD =.= It Died During Maths
I Think It's A Sign..


Anyway.. These Pictures..
The B&W Ones ..
Supposedly For The Taylor's SAM Magazine

I Can't Post Up The Other Pictures 
Because It's Confidential =P

Hehe.. I'm Still Loving My Class =P

Burst Shots Of Shu Jun =P

And Sandra =P

Hehe .. Tmrw Prolly Going To Have Another Shoot =)
Hope It'll Turn Out Great Again xD =P


March 23, 2009

Geebers Creepers

Assignments Are Pilling Up .. Ahh
And My Phone Is Dying

It Fell Of The Chair The Other Day
And Now , Every Once In A While , The Screen Would Die For Hours..
I Want To Send It For Repair.. =(

So Anyone Who SMSes , Buhuu To My Phone
And College .. Well , The Weather In Subang Is Being Such An A**

My Skin Can't Seem To Handle The Hot Weather
It's Annoying And Really Distracting

That I'll End My Short Lil Post Here xD


By :

March 20, 2009

Na Na Na

Pictures Taken During The Open Dance Floor & Also Group Pictures

That's All From The SAM Fiesta



March 16, 2009

Space-d Out

I Can't Remember The Band's Name =P
Oops xD But , The Only Thing I Can Remember Is .. 
They Played The Song  "Dear Maria , Count Me In"

Hahaa , I Don't Really Like The Pics I Took Though=/
Blur.. Out Of Focus & Bad Texture
And , It Doesn't Look Natural  At All
Gah.. I Need To Buck Up On The 50mm

X Marks The Spot?

Ok La.. I'm Quite Lazy To Say Much
I'll Just Upload And .. Err.. Stone

I'm Quite Tired Right Now
Planning To Sleep Early ..
But My Definition Of Early .. 
Is Actually Like.. After 12?


I Guess I'll Be Yawning A Lot In Class Tmrw Again =.=

Anyway.. Pics Of The Choir Club

 Acapella All The Way
Clap Clap Clap =P

The Also Sang Save The World , By Micheal Jackson
Not Bad =P The Crowd Sang Along

Wait For It.. WAIT FOR IT

Tadaaaaaaaa =P

Well , That's All For Now La =P
I Want To Go To Bed Already =P

Sorry..Gnite xD

Shenn zZz

March 13, 2009

Now It Is Stealing Wrongs

Pictures Of The Taylor's Dance Club

LoL I Like The Colours =P




Err.. Purplish Pink?

Sadly , There Isn't A Green =(
If Not , I Could Have Done A RGB Combo


An Interesting Bore

OMG , Streamyx Is Killing Me ..
For the Past Two Days , I Can't Seem To Use The Damn Internet ..
Now , I Am In The Olden Days Coffee Shop In Taman Tun Using Their Wi-Fi..

Geebers Man.. =.= 
I'm Also Doing My Chem Detailed Outline Now =(
Saddening =.=

Really Really Saddening..
And There Is A Freaking Fly Flying Around My Food Trying To Freaking Parasite =.=
Free Food For The Fly? NO WAY o.o O.o O.O o.O

LoL.. =.= I LoL-ed Yet I'm Still Disappointed
Hah .. Wth o.o?
Mumble Mumble..
Random Random
Buhuu .. Booo

So Disappointing=.=
And And..  I Only Got 7A's =(
Gah.. Was Expecting 8 At Least =(

I Want To Recheck My EST And My Moral Paper
Just For The Fun Of It La =.=

For Self Satisfaction? mMml.. Yehehes.. Self Satisfaction=P
Sounds Wrong But Yes..
For My Self Satisfaction xP

Anyway.. These Are Pictures Of The Committee Members
I Didn't Really Take Much La.. 
Ee Yin Was The Photographer In Charge Actually
I Was Just The Assistant For The Event

I Had Fun Anyway.. 
It Was GoOoD..
I'll Post Up More Pictures Soon =P

By Shenn

March 11, 2009

Extra Plainly Sophisticated

Pictures From Taylor's SAM Fiesta 2009

Brief Update

Organizing Committee

Danial..  SAM Committee Member

Chrity And Li Ji =P 
My Classmates

Taylor's Dance Club * Practicing *

Taylor's Dance Club * Performing *

Taylor's Music Club ( Choir )

That Is Vino..  Apparently ' Dancing '

More Pictures Coming Soon

This Is A Very Small Update =P

In Fear  , Shenn