December 19, 2008

The Night The Sun Rose

Those Who Were Dancing On The Dance Floor
I Guess They Really Enjoyed Themselves =)

Although The Dance Floor Was Pretty Small
But I Guess People Still Know How To Make The Best Out Of It =P

To Dance In A Group Of People You Know
And To Know That No One Will Laugh At You
Because Of Your Dancing Skills Or Your Stiffness
It Must Have Felt Really Good

It Was A Night To Enjoy La
To Some , It Might Be
The Last Celebration Before Entering College Life? Who Knows xD

To Bad THIS Bozo Here Won't Dance =P
xD Chill =P Sry , I Got Two Left Feet La K =P

The Dj's Choice Of Songs Wasn't That Bad
It Fits The Crowd's Taste =P
Well , Enough Typing For Me
Sry , Won't Be Writing Much
I Slept For Almost 14 Hours Already =P

LoL , I Like Vinod's Expression

Go Shah , Go Shah

Look At Manja =P

Vivian , Tsk Tsk Tsk =P

In The Ayer

That's All For Now
Still Got a Few More Pictures
I Will Upload It Soon

Shenn =P

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