March 28, 2008

Pa La.. Ak Betu Ka?

So Yea.. Sorry For The Inconvenience Caused Everyone

Will Still Go On

Dress Code : Smart Casual ( UV Lights Will Be Installed , So Be Creative )

Date: 5th Of April 2008

Time 3 P.M. - 7 P.M. ( ++ )

Venue : KDU College
( Not KBU )

Ticket Price:
Anyone Everyone =D

There Is A Slight Change To The Time
It Seems That.. We Are Not Allowed To Have The Event Late Night
So We Had To Make It Earlier
Sorry Everyone ..

But Do Not Worry..
The Hall Will Still Be..
Dark.. Yea..
And The UV Lights ..
As Planned.. Will Be Installed =)

Due To.. Sad , Funny And Weird Reasons
A Lot Of Inconvenience Has Been Caused

Sorry Ya o.o =P


Dogs The Musical.. I Mean o.o Cats The Lyrical

My Cousin's Cat..
Not Much To Say Actually..

Errrr... Boo?

Sorry =P


* Guitar Solo Comes In *

Anyway.. I Miss Taiping's Satay =P
Yummm =)

And That .. Is My Auntie.. =P
It Was A Candid Shot Actually..
She Was Giving An Example Of What NOT To Do
But I Managed To Capture The Moment

She Gave The Kids Something New To Show Their Friends =D

Shenn =P

Faaaatttt Boooooy


How Much Is That Doggy At The Window?

Shenn =P

March 12, 2008

Red Was The Colour I Saw =P

Ahh.. To My Seniors =)

For Those Who Got Their Straight A's For SPM
Damn.. You're Making Me Nervous Already o.o

Anyway =) Enjoy While You Can? =P
Haha =D

Suresh Posing For The Camera

Jasmine =P

Ok.. This Picture.. Wasn't A Flook Shot
Hansern Purposely Closed His Eyes.. =.=

Congratulations La Guys =)

Shenn =D

March 11, 2008

Are We Lost Yet?

What I Saw Was What He Saw.. Too =)

I've Been Really Busy..
And I'm Sorry For Not Being Able To Update My Blog
* Cough * =P * Giggle * =P

Now.. I'm Going To Focus A Little More And Black And White Shots =P

I Think It's Mostly Based More On Editing
But I Don't Know =P
SoOoOo =P

Help Me Out If You Know Anything I Don't Know =P
* I'm Practically Not Sure Of Anything * xD


A Slip A Fall An Ice Cream

Working With The Students Of
5 Delta Of SMK SJ*I Don't Know The Full Name Of The School*

Was Fun =D

They Were Really Cooperative
And Also Very Entertaining At The Same Time =P

The Setting Of The Spot Was Really Beautiful
And... Errr.. It Was Really Good La =D

Haha.. It Was Worth It =)

Haha ^^ Thank You Aina For The Great Opportunity =)


March 4, 2008

Euphoria Charity Concert

Organized by :
The Interact Club of Damansara Utama
The Interact Club of Taman Tun Dr. Ismail ,
The Interact Club of ELC International School

Theme: Smart Casual ( UV Lights Will Be Installed , So Be Creative )
Date: 5th Of April 2008

Time 7 P.M. - 12 A.M. ( Registration Starts At 6.P.M. )

Venue : KDU College Hall

Ticket Price:
Anyone Everyone =D

How to register?
Send in ..
1) Your Name
2) IC Number
3) Which School You Represent
To Or You Can Give Her The Information Straight Through Msn. =) Call / Sms / Leave a Msg Here. It's Up To You . =D

* Ticket Will Be Given Upon Checking In At Counter *

All Proceeds Will Go To A Selected Charity* Makna * =)
So Come Down And Have Loads Of Fun While Doing Some Good ! =D

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Band Auditions - 10th March , 1 pm - 4pm@ Akarkarya Studio.

Dance Auditions - 11th March , 1pm - 3pm @ Akarkarya Studio.

Studio Akarkarya is located at :-
No. 1A, Jalan SS21/1A
Damansara Utama
Kuala Lumpur
Tel : 603-7725 6472
Link :

March 2, 2008

No No No o.o

Monyet Sedang Mencari Kutu ? =P

How I Wish..
Exams Never Existed=P

It'll Be Even Better La =P
At Least.. We Go To School
Without Feeling So Freaking Stressed Up o.o

School Can Be Very Stressful =\
Plus.. Those Extra Tuitions After School o.o

Killer Man =\

And How Can THEY Say.. Life Back Then Was Tougher
I Think It Is Equally As Tough o.o

Anyway.. My Point Is..
School Can Be At Least Better If They Just Reduce The Amount Of Exams We Have
Correct? o.o


Hifzhan And Shah =P

Sorry Nad =P I Know How Much You Hate People Taking Pictures Of You =P

Sorry Again xD

Study Study Study o.o

Our Add Maths Teacher =D

Jafri Showing Off =P

Me =P

Biology Can Be A Pain In The ... o.o * Not For The Faint Of Heart *

Just Imagine You Are The Frog
Seeing.. Someone.. Just Like You..
Getting Ready To Be Dissected o.o

It Is Very Cruel
But I Can't Help The Fact That
It Is For Studies o.o??

Surely Every Doctor Has Been Through This =\
Taking A Life Away o.o

* I Somehow Still Wonder Why We Never Feel Guilty For Killing Ants Or Mosquitoes*

Anyway Yea.. 5 Beta's Students Managed To Dissect Frogs Last Monday
The Frog Liyana And I Bought Was HUGE

We Were So Frighten Just Because..

We Bought 3 Bull Frogs For The Price of RM10 Each o.o
* Where Are It's Horns? * xD

Look At That Frog La.. o.o Huge Man =P


Dr. Shah With The Sinister Look o.O

Nadrah , Jaf , Hadi And Intan

Diyana =P Potential Doctor?

Ouch o.o

Seriously Not For The Faint Of Heart

Stop And Stare =P

That Red Thing..
The Lungs

Look At That La.. =P
The Amount Of People Working On The Frog

We Even Managed To Cut The Head Off

The Stomach

Shah And Rapper.. I Mean Harris

Holding The Head o.o


Hmm.. I Was The One Who Actually Cut Both The Head And The Leg Off o.o

The Small Intestine

Puteri , Ezu , Shatrah And Sarah

Ah.. Seriously.. No Comment