October 31, 2007

More And More

No Comment

No Comment =P

No Comment xD

I'm Just Lazy LaAa =P
Can't Think Of Anything

Anyway =P
Our Pengetua* Just Retired
But Sadly.. I Won't Post Any Pictures Up
Just Got To Wait For The Magazine


Seng Fatt Looks Partially Disgusted
Partially Tired
Constipated? Nola =P
His Actually Giving A Thumbs Up..
Just That I Didn't Notice It

Mr. Sze

Kris Playing The Violin ~~
Bloody Hell -.-
All Rounder =P

Gah.. One Of My Fav. Junior
Friendly And.. Always Smiling =P

Loan Shark ?=P
Mr. Yu


Teacher: Is He Taking Pictures Of The Food?

Mr. Sze Again =D

Caught You Little Cat

Don't Give Me That Look

Rafiq Spoiler xD

Meet Melvin..

And Meet Kevin

-.- Cacat
LoL ..
Her Eye Part There - No Shadow = BetteR?

Sara And Adeeba
Adeeba Confirm Next Year School Photographer
She's Memang A Pro.. Canon 350D
Obviously Better Then Me

Candid Shot

What's Wrong Gurtej? o.o


October 25, 2007

Don't Stop Me Now

Woah -.- I Seriously Got Nothing To Blog About
' Yet ' ? * Hopefully*

Still Having My Exams =\
2 More Days To Go

Anyway =P

I Tried Learning Editing* . .
With Sherri's Pictures =\

Well .. It Practically Sucks La
Destroyed Her Pictures xD

The Original 1

The One I Edited =\ -.-
I Suck I Know - Still Learning =P

The 2nd Original One

The Edited Version * 1 *
Tried To Make It Look More Appealing o.o

The Edited Version * 2 * It Is Better If You Click On It..
Then You'll Be Able To See The Ripple Effect Clearly

The Edited Version * 3 *

I'm Still Learning =\
Slowly? Haha .. No Rush

Hmm.. Another Thing =P
Check Out That Website

His A World-Renowned Photographer
Plus Photojournalist Too =P

And Guess What =P
My Sister Knows Him =D

Damn Cool =D
He's Also Using A Canon 400D

Well.. Actually..
There's No Limiting Factors For Taking Good Pictures

Just Got To Be Creative And Progressive =)
But .. Sadly
I'm Still A Noob =\

My Pictures Are Getting Really Stale By The Day ..
SoOo.. Pardon Me

I'll Try To Improve o.o
I'll Keep Trying =)

That's All For Now o.o

Took Me.. Approximately 30 Minutes Just To Upload 6 Pictures
Something Is Wrong With Blogger Today o.o

Shenn o.o

October 19, 2007

Besides Me

Beep =P
As You All Know =P
I'm Into Photography * Derrr -.- *

But There Are Others Also
Who Are Interested In Photography
All With Different Style , Element And Taste

M.J. He Is Currently In Australia
And Is Planning To Get A DSLR When He Gets The Chance

Jerrard =)
His Got The Passion =)
Great Passion.. Seriously

Sue Vern - Yea She Has The Patience
Unlike Me -.- I Remember ..
I Lost My Temper In Front Of My Friends Once..
Sorry Guys =\

Wei Jan.. WoW.. This 1 Is ..
Seriously Weird.. Small World..
P.S. She Won The 4th Round Of The Canon Teen Expression Thingy..

Robyn =P Haha.. Seriously A Different Style And Taste
But She's Good Though =)
I Am Not As Creative As Her When It Comes To Abstract Or Conceptual

Ka Kit.. Gosh -.- His Younger Then Me..
But.. Wooooo.. Killer Shots =D

Eway.. His Getting His 400D Soon =)
One Of His Picture Has Also Been Used ..
If I'm Not Mistaken For A Billboard?

Julina -.-
Professional.. Just Freaking Good La -.-
Photography And Editing -.- Two Thumbs Up

There Are A Few More
Like Nicholas =)
Gah -.- Lucky =P
Should See His Camera.. =P

Anyway =\ That's All For Now o.o
Gtget Back To My .. Table And Sleep..

Shenn =P

October 16, 2007

Be Ahead With It

=) Seriously

I Was Bored o.o

Yea.. I Can't Seem To Study >.<

Anyway =O

Me And Paul Went To Lembah Kiara

Right.. Rules.. * Cough *

Lev #1

Lev #2

Lev #3 .. I Like This =P

Never Be A Paparazzi

Gosh o.o He Looks Horny xD

Paparazzi = Stupid People
Watch The Show Paparazzi =) It's Good

Theme = Dead Photographers

Where's The Blood?

He's Alive?

Lev #4 =P

Lev's First Time Shopping

Padini You Know.. Don't Play Play =P

Bluehk xD =P
Sorry Lydia .. For Calling You A Chicken =P
Haha.. You Did Walk Away From Me xD =P
Sorry =P Don't Merajuk LaAa

Shenn =P