December 21, 2008

Papa Pia

I'm Really Really Disappointed With My Shots Of Point 7 =.=
Shots Are Either Blur Or Over Exposed And 
The Compositions Were Terrible , Really Really Boring Compositions >.<
I Guess It'll Always Be La >.<

Today , So Far , Has Been A Weird Mixed Feelings Something Day
It All Started Off Ok Lar
Woke Up At 6.40 , Took My Bath , Etc Etc
And Got Ready For The Undang Test

When The Driving Instructor Arrived
Jafri Was Already In The Car
Ok Lar , Everything Was Still Going Fine

To See Jafri Stone When The Driving Instructor Talks  Is Damn Funny =P
Then When We Reached Our Destination ,
We Still Had 20 Minutes To Wait

It's Ok  .. Still Ok =.=
Then Suddenly =.=

That *Guy* Came
Haih >.> A Past That I Will Never Forget
Wtheck -.-

It's Been A Few Years Already And I'm Still Not Over It
To Think Of It =.= I Am A LOSER

But.. Well.. I Passed My Undang ..
Yipeee !! 48/50
Felt Kinda Relieved
Was So Scared That I Would Fail Or Something

But Ok La , 
I Hate The Operating Officer There Though
Spoke To Me In Cantonese 
& I Seriously Didn't Know How To Reply >.>
Instead I Replied In Hokkien >.>

Sorry La , Wa Bae Hiau Kong Kung Fu Wah
Bo Anae Ho
Bo Tak Bae Hiau Kong Lor
Wa Si Hokkien Eh Lang Ok =)

Seriously .. Banana Inc. =.=
( Ok , What I Just Wrote In Hokkien I Simply Bang , But I Guess It's Somewhere Around There xD )

So If You See Me Next Time
PLEASE Understand My Situation xD

So Before This Post Ends
Here Are My Boring Pictures

Vinod The Vocalists

Hung Hang

Gurtej The Lead Guitarist

Leena, Also The Vocalist =P
She's Doing Her Usual' Tilt Her Head' Pose =P

Gur Gur Tej Tej

This Shot Reminds Me Of Those Olden Day Photos
Prolly Around The 70's
With The B&W
And The Grainy Feel


Aww.. So LOOKS Damn Innocent Here xP

Amazing How Resh Managed To Tilt His Body Almost Exactly 90 Degress
If You Were To Just Look Below
You Can See Me.. With My Remote =P

Anyway.. That's All For Now =)=


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