December 13, 2008

Backyard Rocket Turbo Nuclear Fictional Science

On An Unrelated Subject/Topic/Whatever With The Picture
LoL..What Is Your Definition Of Democracy?

Yesterday.. I Followed Hadi To O.U. To Help Him Out With This Survey Of His
Pretty Funny Though

We Managed To Interview
A Thai Dude ,
 A Malaysian Dude Who Studies In Singapore ,
Our Own School Dude
And Two Dudette-s ( Old Friends Of Mine ) o.o =P

LoL.. The Best Answers Actually Came From The Dudette-s =P
Haha =P Well .. They're Straight Forward La
And They Actually Really Voiced Out Their Opinion
Even Though 2/3 Of Their Answers Weren't What We Were Expecting

But Still.. Pretty Cool Answers =P
Like.. Alcohol Must Be Given For Free
Cigg Prices Must Go Down
And Etc Etc =P

LoL.. Nice =P
But Still.. What Is YOUR Definition Of Democracy?
And In General , Is The World Actually Practicing Democracy?
Or Is It Just Plain Communism?

Think About It o.o
( Damn .. I Sound So Political =.= )

OuH Yea.. To Think Of It..
I Never Really Had  A Decent Pic With Lev=.=


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