December 16, 2008

Nothing Compared To Yours =)

Well..SMK TTDI's Prom Just Ended
Such A Controversial Subject / Matter To Talk About 

At First I Couldn't Even Decide On Whether I Should Attend It Or Not
But It Turned Out Ok.. Chilling With My Friends Was Fun =D
Really Fun =) 

LOL.. I'm Not Really Sure How Many People Actually Attended The Prom
But The Hall Was Really Really Small o.o
And It Was Only Filled With 6 Tables
So I Guess..
Less Than 70? o.o

And I Was Glad I Actually Went Alone xD
Don't Know Why o.o
Maybe It Was Because Of The Freedom =)
Made Me Realise A Lot Of Stuff =P
* Buhuuu To You * xP

Heh.. The Performances Were Ok Only La..
There Were Guitars Out Of Tune
People Forgetting Their Chords
And Vocal Probs =P
Typical La.. But For Some.. They Were Good 

Anyway =)
HeHeHe =P
LaLaLa =D
Nvm =P I Guess I'll Say It Some Other Time

Indians And Punjabs =P
Great Friends =P

Camwhore ? o.o

Faez Aka DK =P
Joking Dude xD

SanJ , Don And Resh

Wonder Why He Actually Agreed To Attend Our Prom xD

Haha.. Old Buddy Adrian
I Still Think Your Hair Is FUNNY

The Guys =P
Gurtej's Suit Was AWESOME Man
Shiny =P Freaking Cool
LoL.. Sanoj Looks Like A Small Kid =P

Lol.. The Guys

Sue Ann And Puteri =P

James And Vivian =P
LoL.. Vivian.. * Pull Pull *

& Sanoj And Me =D

Well , I  Got Loads More Of Pics o.o
But I'm Just Lazy To Edit And Upload Them Now =P
I'll Update My Blog.. 

Soon-er Or Later =P

Hehe.. That's All For Now =P


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