February 28, 2009

The Darkness Has Won

I Just Received My Driving License =)
Ok La.. Drove To Taylors SJ Campus With My Dad
Just For Fun

Then Went To Vivi's House To Collect ' Shutter' 
Awesome Movie =)

For Ppl Who Love Taking Pictures
Yes.. It Is The Movie For You xD =P

Hehe.. Anyway.. Chemistry..
Gah.. Last Minute Work =P

It's So Hard To Find Information On Biodiesel
Besides Using The Internet La..
So Far.. I Only Got 2 Sources

Damn =(

Gah. .& Oh Yea.. Just Last Week
I Was Really Psyched Cause I Had My Camera Again
But , 5 Minutes After Stepping Out Of The House..
It Started Raining Again And I Had To Go Back Home After That =(

So Potong Wei

Well.. Hopefully I'll Have The Mood To Go Around TTDI To Take Pics Later
I'm So Dang Tired =.= =(

It's Going To Be A Long Week 
But Hopefully A Great 1 =)

Going To Jason Mraz's Concert With Paul On Wednesday
Then Hopefully To SAM Fiesta On Thursday
And On Friday.. Hang Out With Tim , Tej And The Rest

Awesome =)

Well ,  That's All For Now

Shenn =)

February 25, 2009

So How You Doin Chap?

Random.. But .. We Hee =P

I Passed My Driving Test Thingy Already =P


Hopefully My Dad Will Let Me Drive Around By This Weekend
 * That Is If I Get My License By This Thursday * =P

Hehe.. This Happy Feeling Will Disappear By Next Week =.=



Frameless Photo

Victor.. I Seriously Thought He Was A Senior =P

Ok.. I'll Keep It Short

I Didn't Really Take That Much Pictures Last Week During The Music Club's Concert ( Explosion Of Passion )

Had No Mood o.o

Don't Know Why

But The Concert Was Ok La =P

Thumbs Up For The Organizers As It The First Event Of The Year And They Manage To Get Quite A Sum Out Of It..

But I Made New Friends xD

So Cool =P 

College Life Is Moderate At The Moment =.=

And Faiz.. My Senior xD 


February 19, 2009

Created For Me And You

Are You Feeling Safe? =P

Ok.. No Relation To The Pictures

I Went Out With Jaf And Nic Yesterday
Gah.. Miss Hanging Out With Them =P

Fine.. Nic.. I'll Link Your Blog K .. =P

Hehe . Sry La =P I Was Lazy Okay xD

Well. I Miss Them La =( xD =P
Barely Have Time To Talk To Them Now
Tsk Tsk .. We Must Meet Up Again Soon Alright? xD
Just So That I Can Catch Up On Things xD

Anyway .. We Went To Popeye's In TTDI
It Is A Total Rip Off..

Food Was Ok. But The Portion..
So Disappointing

Something Really Expensive For Something Really Small
Not Even Considered Fine Dining.. Tsk Tsk

We Ordered Two Milos
Fries ( Regular )
Mash Potatoes
And 3 Cakes ( Which Was Really Small )

Total Cost .. 23 Bucks o.o
Holy Smokes =.=

Nvm.. Enough Ranting

Hehe =P He Told Me Not To Say Anything
But I Don't Care =P

Jafri's Blog Is A Must Read Blog
He Writes Really Well =P

He Use To Blog A Few Years Back
But Then He Stopped..

Now He Is Back To Blogging Again =P

And And

This Is Nicole Soh's New Blog Add =P

Haha.. Just Want To Say
She Looks Better With Her New Hair Style xD =X

Well , That Is All For Now La =P
Do Visit Their Blog =P

My Good Friends =)

Hehe.. That's All For Now
*Ps.. I Got A Flu Now =(


February 18, 2009

Topple Hat Head

Typical.. They All Act Nice At First , 

Joking =P 

The Guy Above Is Khye Yuh =P
He Came In To Our LAN Class To Promote Himself As He Was Running To Be The President Of The SAM Committee

LoL , He Got It Anyway
Well , We Hope For The Better ? =P

Anyway, These Two Pictures Were Taken With Peh Ge's Camera =P
Seriously.. BOREDOM

College  , So Far Ok Lor
More And More Home Work And Assignments Piling Up

Class? Still Great =P
Laughter Is Seriously The Best Medicine..
It Kills The Boredom And Sadness =.=

Later , Hopefully At 9.30
I'll Be Meeting Up With Jaf , Nic , Naj And Haz

Gah =.= Sorry Jaf.. I Was A Bit Off Mood The Time You SMS o.o
But I'm Not Angry At You La =.=

It's Just The .. Surroundings?
Sorry =.=

Anyway.. That Is Peh Ge =P
As Usual , Like Every Other Photographer
She Covers Her Face =P

And .. And.. My Theory For Now Is
Majority Of Photographers Dislike Ppl Taking Pictures Of Them
True? False? =P
That Is What I Think La =P

Blah =.=


February 17, 2009

Behind The Curtains

Peeping Tom Sean

Huuuray , I Got My Camera Back =P


February 15, 2009

Taste The Love

Are We Alchwhores?

Or Are We Just In Love?

Ces't Vous


Purple Lil Moon

LoL =P Took These Pictures With Paul's D70s
Ah Fook Is Naughtier Now =P

Every Morning , When My Dad Or My Mum Tries To Drive The Car Out
He Will Take That Golden Opportunity To Run Out From The House =P

Cheeky Lil Boy =.=
And He Isn't Scared Of The Cane Anymore =P

But He Is Still That Gardenia Bread Lover
He Skips Eating His Own Doggy Food Just Because He Prefers The Bread Better o.o

And He Knows Us Really Well
All He Has To Do Is Just Do That  Pathetic Face 
To Get Whatever He Wants =.=

Hehe .. Spying On Him
Waiting For Your Girlfriend Huh Ah Fook =P ?

Budak Gatal

LoL .. Well That's All For Now =P


February 13, 2009

Tissue In The Speaker

Geebers Creepers Man
Astro Is Dead Boring And I Think It Is A Serious Waste Of Money At Tmes =.=
We Pay So Much For Such A Lousy Service

Haha =P Just That Day My Dad Scolded One Of The Workers There..
During Thaipusam ,  Our Astro Got Cut Off ..
Because Apparently , We Didn't Pay The Bills

But It Is Impossible 
Because , With My Mum Around
The Bills Are Always Paid On Time

It Happened Like At 11a.m.
So My Dad Was Pissed Off La
Cause  It's A Holiday
And The Astro Got Cut Off At The Start Of The Day

So He Called The Astro Service Centre
And Banged Them On The Spot

At First , The Guy Said It Would Be Done Within 24 Hours
But My Dad Said He Wanted It ASAP..

It Actually Isn't Fair Too Though
Because They Cancel For The Day
And Yet We Still Have To Pay The Same Amount For The Whole Month
AND IT'S A HOLIDAY, Where Ppl Actually Want To Actually Relax 

In The End , It Was All Repaired By 1p.m.

Yet =P I Pity The Worker La
Just A Normal Worker..
Answering Calls & Etc Etc
It Really Spoiled His Day I Guess =P
So Pitiful

Just Imagine Going To Work
And Getting Scolding For Something You Don't Actually Do
What A Stressful Job

 The World Can Be Cruel At Times >.<

oOo.. 528 Baby =P
Wonder What  They Guy Was Thinking Of When He Was Arranging The Letters =.=
So Ironic , In A Line Some More
At Least He Didn't Want To Make It Too Obvious? =P

Well , That's All For Now =P


Down Right The Fewer Party

Me And My Sis At My Gmom's House Before My Camera Died

Camera Still At Service Centre =(
Hopefully By Monday Now =(

And And And
Friday Was A Freaking Sad Day
Damn Careless Mistakes >.<

I'm Being Emo =.=

So What Shall I Do Now? 
Quite Bored And Lost =.=


February 9, 2009


Picture Taken With The Camera Of The KS360

Ok.. I Tried Taking Pics With Paul's D70s
But I Can't Seem To Load It Into The Laptop T.T

So Depressing =(
So I'm Currently Using My Handhpone's Camera

Anyway , I Just Started Learning How To Drive =.=
Gah.. Kinda Fun =P But Really Stressful
Especially When Mati Engine =.=
Buhuu =.= I'm Still Not Used To It Yet=.=

I Panic Quite A Lot
And Apparently The Instructor Said I Think Too Much
( What o.o? )

Well , Jafri Will Understand My Problem xD
Since He Is Going To Start This Thursday =P
( Same Instructor )

Good Luck Jaf xD
Just Listen To What He Says La =P
Sure Can 1

Old Pic Of Paul Taken With My Handphone
So Sad =.= No Camera Use Handphone =(

Well .. Hopefully I'll Be Getting Back My Camera By This Week =(
That's All For Now >.<



February 7, 2009

Kiss From A Rose

Ok.. For Now , My Blog Is Totally Dead
Later , In 30 Minutes Time 
I'll Be Going Out With Paul To Celebrate His Bday( Supposedly 6th Feb ) =P

Sadly Also My Cam Isn't Here =(
So I'm Going To Borrow His D70s First

Happy Belated Birthday Bro =)
Haha , Thx For The Two Years Of Teaching Me Photography =)
I Really Appreciate It =D

And , If You Could See The Title Of This Post =P
Yesss , I'm Into The Song 'Kiss From A Rose' By Seal
Powerful  Song

I Was Watching American Idol 
And One Of The Contestant Sang It

I Shall Find Out His Name Soon =P
But Do Watch This Video =P

Awesome. Well , For Now , Pray That I Will Get Back My Camera ASAP =(
I Miss It T,T


February 6, 2009

Opposite Of Not Being In Depression =P

LoL.. Picture Taken during Bio Class =P

Anyway.. My Camera Is Fixed
But It Is Still At The Centre

Had No Time To Take It
OuH Goodness , I Miss It =(

OuH, And I Got Through
To Become The Photographer For The
Events Section Of The Winanga-Li Magazine ( SAM )

My Partner =P 
A Girl From CBN =P
Ee Yin , D80 User

She Seems Pro.. 
Well , Looking Forward To Taking Pics With Her =)

Anything Else To Say?
OuH Yea..

Seriously , I'm In The 'Opposite' , State Of Not Being In Depression xD =P
I Shall Back Off Now xD