July 10, 2009

I Moved To Another Blog =D

This Blog Would Still Be Here For Reminiscence =P


July 2, 2009

Give Me A Lil Bit More Time =(

June 15, 2009

June 12, 2009

ICPU's Prom

They Spelled My Name Wrongly

Will Update Soon =D


I Forgotten How To Forget o.o

Danial xD A.k.a. D2

Took Some Random Candids That Day In The Cafeteria
I Like The Range Of Colours That You Can Use As Background There =P

LoL -.- I'm Weird

Anyway.. Mei Yi Is Leaving =(
Aww .. My Chemistry Lab Partner =(

Bahh.. Haha.. Study Hard K?
Well... You Memang Will One La
You Smart Bump =P

See You When I See You
Sounds Wrong But Whatever .. xD

With You As My Chem Lab Partner
Everything Was Good =P
Cause You're So Effecient -.-

And I'm Sorry For Always Slowing You Down =(
I Will Always Pray For You And Guan Tat =D
The Smart Couple In Our Class =)

Mei Yi And Guan Tat =) & Me xD

The Guys Will Obviously Miss You La =)
Vino , Daniel , Me.. And For Sure Guan Tat La =P

Vino Being Vino =P

Well.. We Musn't Lose Contact Of Each Other?
And Yet Again.. I'm Truly Sorry If I Ever Made You Down
Which I Know I Did For Quite Some Number Of Times.. =(

You Rock Mei Yi xD

Playing A Fool In The Library xD

Well.. That's All For Now

Shenn (=)=

June 11, 2009

Revealing One's Colours

You Can See Shu Jun's Running Motion =P

Wee.. This Week Is Packed
With Assignments o.o

& Next Week..
Will Be Even More Packed =(

I'll Try To Upload More Pics Soon =D =(

I Like This Pic =)
Taken In The Library =P


June 9, 2009

Akwardy Du Daaa

Kota A' Famosa At Night
I Think It Looks More Beautiful At Night Then During Day Time

Daniel And His Gal =)
It's Her Birthday Today.. So ..
Happy 19th Birthday Ana =D
I Know You Won't Be Able To Read This.. But Whatever =P

The Great Bunch =D
Hanging Out With Them Was Fun =)
Eventhough I Don't Know Why I Had Nothing Much To Say At Times

I Can't Imagine My College Life Without Them Wei o.o

The Aussie Kick xD ?
* Inside Joke *

The Church At Night =)
Like I Said , I Think It Looks More Beautiful At Night =D


Ok , The Moon Was Really Small For My Camera To Take
Bah =(


June 7, 2009

Pictures From The Last Day In Malacca..
I'll Upload Them Soon
Quite Lazy To Edit Them =(


The Worried Shenn o.o

June 5, 2009

Afterlife Before Silence

Will Update Soon..

* * * * *

BACK ! ! !

OuH , And I Totally Forgotten About This Picture

Even In Johor Eih =P 
Not Bad Vino xD

Someone Wrote This On A Pillar Of The Abandoned House o.o
Ironically , It's Vino's Name =P

Shu Jun Wanting Her Camera Back From Her Sis =P

LoL , Priceless Expression xD

Shu Jun's Sister With Her Friend =)
We Were In Danga Bay..

They Were Having The TV3 Jom Heboh Thing

Shu Jun Enjoying Her Cotton Candy =P

Candid , Random Kid =P
I Didn't Look Through The Viewfinder For This o.o
I Just Took It Randomly =P

Blah Blah Blah


An Opposite Incident Repeating

Shu Jun Was  ' The Model For The Day'

Shu Jun's Mum Took Us To The Sultan's Taman Something Something
That Was Located Infront Of The Waterfront Something Something =P
*I'm Really Bad At Remembering Names xD *

In The Picture Above.. You Could Actually See Singapore On The Other Side =)

Haha.. Anyway , The Sultan's Taman Something Something Was Actually Really Nice
At First , I Thought It Was Going To Be Just A Normal Walk In The Park
But The Taman Is Actually Really Darn Beautiful * To Me La *

If I Were To Go Back To J.Bahru..
I'm Going There Again
For Sure =D

There Was Even An Abandoned House / Building That Is Darn Cool..
We Were Lucky Because There Were Other Photographers There Too..
So , It Wasn't As Creepy To Explore The Building Alone =)

LoL , In The Picture Below
There's A White Ghost With A Sling Bag =P
Shu Jun Took This Shot With My Cam xD

LoL , 'CoCo' Lee =P
Shu Jun's New Nickname =P

Although It Was Creepy Because It Was Abandoned..
It Has A Lot Of Artistic Value =D

Broken Stairs Leading To The 2nd Floor..

oOo.. The Plant/Tree That Was Covered With Torns =P
Very Eerie

xD I'm A Stalker?

Shu Jun Trying To Steal The Food To Feed The Fishes xD

Well , There's More  And I'll Upload Them ASAP
Darn Lazy La Right Now o.o xD

Hehe =P Sorry


June 3, 2009

You Patch What You Scratch

Lame Shots.. But Whatever

Hmm..  I'm Going To Continue This
As A Hobby.. To Help Cheer Myself Up

It Was The Reason Why I Started Photography
And It'll Be The Reason Why I'll Keep Doing Photography


Continue From Yesterday
More Pics =P

My Cousin And  Sister Who Just Got Back From The Workshop..
My Cousin's Car Broke Down

My Sister's Drug Info Book And My Sister Watching Tv xD

The Singapore Tv Channels Are Way Better Then Our Local Ones Combined o.o

My Cousin's Pet Hamster , Tubby =P

Backyard Photography.. =P

I Like The Number Plate =P
Max o.o

June 2, 2009

Tick Tacks On The Tocks

I  Got Back From Malacca 12 Hours Ago xD
Haha.. But Was Lazy To Come Online xD

Anyway.. Tuesday
Started Off Great =)
And Ended.. Like Hell

I'm Already Missing College xD * The Friends And The Chilling Time *
Bah , I'll Try To Upload Pictures From My 3 Day Adventure In Johor And Malacca xD
Woo , Adventure =.= Sounds Lame
But Whatever xD

Daniel .. Jamming xD

Je Comprends


May 31, 2009

Carry You Ferry Poo

LoL , Today Was Fun
I Enjoyed The Whole Day =)
Shu Jun's Family Is Fun xD

The Mom Took Us To A Few Places =)
Quite Fun =)

I'll Post Up More Pictures After I Get Back Home =P
Haha =P Now I Can't Wait To Get To Melaka
Even If It Is Just For A Day =P

Shu Jun's Sister , Mom And Shu Jun =P

The View Of Singapore From The Beach Side =P

Shu Jun's Sister And Her Boyfriend xD

Lol , Shu Jun Posing =P

Hehe =P Shu Jun xD =P

Heh =D