February 23, 2008

This Is A Way To Get Your Attention =D

I Love Being Random
It's Like..

Imagine Going Up To A Stranger

Hi =D I Know You'd Like To Meet Me =)
Hi.. I Know You Couldn't Stop Staring At Me
From The Moment You Saw Me
So I Decided To Come To You =D
*Ok La.. I Don't Do All Those La*

But This Is Just A Random Thing To Talk About =P
See.. It's Really Fun Being Random =P

* Pictures Taken During English Presentation Moments *

* You Are Suppose To Get Pleasure Out Of This *
Cough o.o

Yea... I Think It Really Worked

Topic Of Presentation * How To Stall Time

O.o? No Comment =P
Sorry Sue Vern xD


Sorry For The late Happy Valentines =P

What I Would Do To See You Smile
Is Indescribable

After All Those Hard Times
It Was Worth It After All

Just To Be The Only One
To Call You Mine

But With Nothing Much Left To Say..
I Would Like To Say...

OMG.. Emo Post =P
Alaa.. Sorry I'm One Week Late..
But Yea.. Happy Belated Valentines Everyone?

=) Smileeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee =D


Adapt To Torture ?

Hmm.. From Now On =P
I'll Be Bringing My Camera
To Every Tuition I Go
Except Chemistry La.. And BM..
* A Promise I Can't Really Guarantee =P *

I'm Not Going To Miss Another Photo Opportunity Again=\
Unless I'm Like Damn Lazy La

Pictures Taken When I Was On My Way Home After Physics Class


February 16, 2008

Hmm.. Nice Not This Title?

Pictures Of My Mom's Side Of The Family =P
Missing In Action = My Eldest Sister Ee Lynn

I Just Love My Moms Side Of The Family =)

They Rock =D

Just Shenn

February 12, 2008

Can You Answer This Question?

Not Going To Write Much

Just Going To Say..

I'll Still Try To Update My Blog Often


Pringles Are Awsome =P


February 9, 2008

Gong Xi Fa Cai

I Say The Only Thing That Spoiled The Day
Was.. The Television

Gosh.. We Could Have Done Other Better Things
For Once..=.= zZz Like.. Go Out To The Park
Or...... Family Brunch ? Lunch? AT LEAST SOMETHING

Nyek.. The TV Is Going To Rule Us 1 Day=\

Anyway.. The Only Thing I Then Looked Forward Too
Was The Family Group Photo Session

It Was Hard To Even Tell Them To Get Into Their Positions =.=
Everyone Was So Engrossed With The TV

Felt Like.. Throwing My Tripod Into The TV
But That Would Get Me Into A Lot Of Trouble


Nevermind.. At Least We're One -.-
When The TV Is On =.=

My Point Is ..
Chinese New Year.. Celebrated ..
Once A Year

Don't Waste It On TV Programs

My Dad's Eldest Brother's Family

Dad's 2nd Eldest Brother's Family

Newly Weds

My Family =)

The 3rd Generation

& The Whole Family


Who Listen Anyway Nowadays =\

Happy Chinese New Year Everyone =)


February 8, 2008

Stressed Desserts

Justin Ng =)

=P I'm No More The Only 1 In The Family
* Father's Side * With A Christian Name =P
But It Is Ok =P

At Least I Can Say I'm The First xD
Haha.. I'm Now.. Uncle Sean =P -.- zZz

That's My Cousin's Son Anyway =)
I Think.. He Is About 2 - 3 Months Old =D

Sis And Justin

The Eve Of Chinese New Year Was
Filling =P

Both The Lunch With My Mom's Side
And Reunion Dinner With My Dad

But Lucky I'm Not A Big Eater
If Not.. I'd Be Fat o.o

Mum And Sis =P

Aunty =)

I Love Going Back To Taiping =)
It's Just Awesome La

Family Members To Brighten Up Your Day
Lovely Scenery
Exquisite Food That Can Make You Go To The Toilet 3 Times A Day

Ahhh =D
So Cool =P

And Guess What
Prolly My Eldest Sis Would Be Shock Too =P



Can Stand Spicy Food =.=

At First I Was The Only 1 Actually * I Think I'm The Only 1 La *
Among My Sisters .. Cousins.. ETC
To HATE Spicy Food

But What To Do..
Almost.. Every Dish Everyday ..

I'm Ok Now xD
At Least I Don't Feel Like An Outkast Anymore xD

My Kinky Cousin xP


In Conclusion..

To Wrap It Up..

In A Nut Shell..

The Eve Of The Chinese New Year Was Good =)

Picture By My Cousin Veelai

Picture By My Cousin Veelai


Sis And Cousin


February 1, 2008

The Less The More

Sanoj .. Looks Like Those
Female Models =P
With His Posture
And Eye Thing =P
Look At His Hand Also =P
Tsk Tsk =P

I'm Just Going To Try New Different Elements For My Pictures
Where.. The Subject Is Correctly Coloured
And The Background Is Either Black And White Or Just Pale ..

So.. Do Tell Me What Do You Think About It..

Anyway.. Yea.. The Form 5 Boys.. Me , Sanoj , Tim , Su , Rashvin , Jaf And Tej
Went For The SMTTDI's PBSM's Orientation Night
We All Ke Po Chi-ing Eni =P

Started Of Fresh
Came Back .. Like Corpse

It Was Ok
Nothing Much To Say

I Could Say Worth Going
Then Staying At Home Rotting


I Paid RM10 Just For A Piece Of Country Grilled Chicken Burger From McD's =\

Juliana And Intan =D

Aida Looks Like A o(o.o)o =P

LoL.. I Lazy To Comment Edi..
So Yea.. =P =\

Shake It *


* Pictures Taken By Amalin * ( Is The Spelling Of The Name Correct? )