November 30, 2007

* Guitar Solo *

Lake Garden Was..
The Third Place We Visited

The Angsana Trees Are Like
One Of The Reasons Why Taiping Lake Garden Is So Nice =)

=P My Dad And My Mom

It Doesn't Look Like A Dinosaur..
Not Even A Dragon.. xD
I Don't Even Know What It Is

I Tried To Do The Water Reflection Thing
But I Can't Seem To Make The Picture Attractive o.o


LoL.. Satay Mana?

A Silhouette? Failed =\


November 27, 2007

Tigi Tigi Togo

The Second Place We Visited =P

It's My Dad's School Also =P

We Weren't Able To Go In
So.. Sorry =P

Plus.. It Was Blazing Hot When We Were There o.o


4 Sticks 1 Branch

When We Went Back To Taiping =P
The 1st Place We( My Parents , Lev And Me ) Visited Was My Mom's Secondary School
I'm Not Sure How Old The School Is
But It Looks Really Old To Me =P

It Looks Like A Church Huh =P
It's Actually A Convent School If I'm Not Mistaken

I Like Their Hallway

The Building Somehow Has A Funny Vibe o.o =P
Joking =P

The Clouds Are Weird o.o

Hi Bird !! =)


November 25, 2007

Wedu Wedada

I'm Disappointed
And Deep Inside I'm Freaking Sad ..

But Never Mind .. I'll Take This As A Lesson..
I Know My Mistakes But What The Heck..
The Freaking Page Of The Sasteramas Magazine
Came Out Blur.. 3 Pages Actually

Gosh.. And The First Thing .. When I Got To School Was
' Eih Sean.. Why Are The Pictures Blur? '

I' m Suprised Myself.. Seriously

Click On This Picture..
ITS CLEAR.. Trust Me
Your Screen Can't Even Fit The Whole Picture Right?

Gosh.. In So Much Pain Now>.>
Even A Teacher Asked Me
Sean... What Happened To You And Your Camera.............................

I'm Not Going To Put The Blame On Anyone
Cause .. This Is Life Right?

What Is Done.. Is Done

This Is How The Story Goes

And To Say
This Is The Batch Of Pictures I Like Most

Not My Day..
At All

That's All For Now


November 20, 2007


Mix Feelings....
Hate It When People Act Nice
In Front Of Me/You/Anyone Just To Use Me/You/Anyone..

I Call It.. Stupidity -.-

Anyway =)

Recently.. Our Scouts Just Held A

Yeaup..This Year.. I'm Like.. Different o.o?
For The Past 3 Years.. If THEY Actually Check My Record
I've Never Skipped Any Scouts Activities , Not Even Once..
But This Year.. It's A Totally Different Story


Ammar And Tim..
Not Actually Doing Work
But Playing O2 Jam xD

Amer.. Testing The Mike
* Those In Tuxedos Are Form 4s.. They're Part Of The Board *

Me And Tim.. Not Part Of The Board o.o
Cough *


Everyone Was Practically Dying For Food Because
The Event Actually Started Quite Late

Cheh Wah~~

No Comment =P Sry

Form 3s


The Pengetua =P
There's 1 Thing I'm Proud Of ..
At Least =P

There Was This 1 Special Moment/Event..
Where They Presented A Gift To The Ex - Pengetua =P
And 1 Of It Was A Picture Frame Thingy..
With Words On .. ( Which I Don't Really Care ) =P
But .. The Picture They Used.. Was A Picture Taken By Me ~~ =P

WoOo ~~ At Least =P

The Event Was Held On The 9th Of November For Your Information~~

Form 5 ~~

Ex - Scouts.. Even More Senior =)
Is He Posing For The Camera Or?
Ps. I Edited This Picture..
Something Is Missing ~~ Can You Spot The Flaw?

Form 6 ~~

Adzhar.. His Tux Was Actually..
Small For Him o.o? =P


Cigku Zarizi's Son.. If I'm Not Mistaken Yet Again

Ex-Head Discipline And Assistant Troop Leader

I Forgotten Their Post xD

Pandu Puteri Also Attended

Na'im's Mom =)
I Like Her Camera xD

Rafiqi xD And Err...

Tim.. As The Video Man?
Just For Like. 50 Minutes Or So =P


Hungry Hungry Hungry..
We Were So Hungry

I Remember One Of The Form 2 Guy Saying
Form 2 Guy : Wei Sean.. Got Hot Chick Sitting At The Other Side ..
Me: Where o.o?
Form 2 Guy : There.. The Other End There
Me : OUH.. That.. Is Imran's Sister
Form 2 Guy : O.O

Hmmm.. Dun Worry Shah.. Edited Picture =P

Chill Out Man ~~

Ex~ Ketua Platoon For The Kadet Polis SMKTTDI

Muka Masam Yeh?>>>

Teachers ~~

Cikgu Adzhar.. The Cikgu In Charge Of The Scouts

The Opening Performance
Not Bad~~

It Is Quite Scary..
If You Think Of It o.o

On The Other Hand..

It Can Be Really Funny =P

So How Is The Food?

Kamil.. I'll Always Remember The Pain
When You Kick Me.. And Tim xD
When We Joke Around While We're Marching xD

He Calls Me Gay xD
I Call Him Hypocrite


Kevin And Imran


Kevin And Saachi xD

His Sister Is Also A Photographer..
oOo LaLa

That's All For Now?
I'm Quite Lazy To Upload Pictures About The Performances

It's Not Ok =P
Cause I Used Levine's Flash
For The First Time

So Yea..
The Pictures Are Ugly~~

Sorry o.o