December 30, 2007

I Never Said Thank You For That

I Got Nothing Much To Say..
Just.. Hopefully.. My Prom Next Year..
Will Be Better =P

Haha ..
I Know Already Who I Want As My Prom Date =P xP
Hope She Still Agrees =P xD 2040 =P

Kind Of Early Right To Think Of It ? =P
It Is Like.. 12 Months Away And I'm Already Deciding =P


Lu Wen Was The Prom Queen =D
Congratulations =)

But Melvin Only Managed To Achieve
Prom Prince? o.o * That Green PAPER Crown Reminds Me Of Archie =P *

Awwww =)


December 29, 2007

Minimize The Choices

I'm Into Oldies Again =D

I Was In Paul's Car Alone Listening To Light Fm
When Suddenly..
A Song By Dan Hill - Sometimes When We Touched Was Played..

Gah.. I Remember Those Times Where ..
I Would Be In My Dad's Car.. Everyday After Tuition..
At Least.. There Would Be An Oldies Song That I Would Just Love Listening Too =)

Anyway.. Yea.. Don't Think I'm Emo Or What Nuts
I Just Love What Is Soothing =)

Pictures Taken In Japan *


Numbness For Truth

The Chap 4

Recently Know As The ' 5 Minute Walk '
Now.. They Are Called The Chap 4..

Ok.. Some Of You Must Be Wondering Who Are The Chap 4
And What Does Chap Mean..

The Chap 4.. Well..
1.They Come From Taman Tun Dr. Ismail
2.Multi Racial ^^ * ROCK ON *
3. Friendly Group Of Guys
4. Their Just About To Enter College Life * 2008*

Chap On The Other Hand..
It Is Like A Word Enhancer..
Is That Correct o.o?

Like.. Damn Crazy Thick Wei This Coffee..
Change The Crazy..
Damn Kao Chap Thick Wei This Coffee..

So Yea.. There You Have It.. The Chap 4 xD =P

That's Melvin The Vocalist =)
They Guy Who Brought Me In..

Suresh =)
17 Next Year And His Already Entering College

Hmm.. The Sad Part Was..
When Melvin Sang..
The Microphone Was Too Soft..
Or Maybe .. o.o

Never mind .. o.o
I Wasn't Quite Sure Actually
Cause I Stood Right In Front Of The Stage..
But I Know.. They Gave One Heck Of A Performance
No Lies =)

Imran With The Drums
His A Fast Learner..

And Last But Not Least..
If I'm Not Mistaken..
He Learns How To Play The Guitar By Himself =)

Don't Do Drugs Ya Guys =D
=.= I Don't Want To See You Guys..
Like.. Stop Performing Together

You Guys Rock Anyway As A Band =D


Cheer Up?

Ok.. This Band Is SERIOUSLY GOOD..
Even Their Self Composed Song
Two Thumbs Up=D

Their Vocalists Are Like FUIYOOOOOOO
A Perfect Duet ..

Not Often You Can Find Bands Like This o.o
I Mean.. Local Bands La

We Either Have Problems Finding The Right Vocalist
Or Just The Right Person For A Certain Something La =.=
So Ma Fan =.=

But I Have To Give A 9 Out Of 10 For This Band ^^
And Yet Again.. I Forgotten Their Band's Name ....

Smooth And Clear Playing =)

Seriously Soothing


But It's Better If You Do =)

It Has Been 2 Years
Since Our First Performance On Stage

Yea.. Tim, Hadi , Me And
Haikal * Borrowed Drummer *

We Performed For Our Interact Club's IU Day..
Ary's Band Performed Too..

For Two Years He Has Performed For Our IU..
And It's No Doubt That They Are Good

Ok.. It's Not Actually Ary's Band
I Don't Really Know The Band's Name....
Sorry xD =P

Anyway.. Their Band Performed For Prom Also
And Yet Again It Was Good..
Especially Their Self Composed Song.. Sepi =)

Chem Their Vocalist =P
Envy His Singing Talent XD

Ok.. I'm Also Sorry For ..
Not Taking Pictures Of Their Drummer xD =P
Sorry Haikal xD =P


December 27, 2007

Rest Of Time

The Form 5 Students Of SMK Taman Tun Dr. Ismail Just Had Their Prom..
And.. Melvin .. My Senior.. Managed To Get Me In For Free
With Exception That I Take Pictures For Them =P

Well -.- I Volunteered Actually La =P
But It Was Damn Fun Lor =P
I'm Meaning ' The Mini After Party '

It Was All Unplanned For Me Actually
But Just Because I Had No Transport Back
I Had To Stay Back With Them

I Never Regretted A Single Moment With Them =D

The Main Reason Why I Volunteered To Take Pictures For Them Was
So That I Could Use Some Of The Pictures For My Portfolio
But The Thing Now Is.. o.o
I Don't Know How To Evaluate My Own Pictures>.>


Prom Was Just Ok Only
Despite The Fact That There Were Only Like 2 0r 3 Slow Songs
And The Rest Techno

It's Not A Disco Ler
So .. It Was Quite Of A Disaster With The Music

But The Bands On The Other Hand Were Good
=D Too Bad I Forgotten The Name Of The Band I Envy Most =P
Sorry Nich =P
Don't Worry.. It's Not Ary's Band Either xDP

Melvin =D

Suresh And Mel

The Girl Who Can't Keep Her Mouth Closed=P

Saachi .. Where Are You Looking At?

Awww? o.o

Jas And Suresh

Imran And Lu Wen =D


December 26, 2007

You Must Be Freaked Out

Hope That Picture Got Your Attention =P

I'm Going To Try To Change My Style Of Blogging

And NoOoOo.. I Won't Be Posting Up Pictures Of Myself The Next Time
This Is Just For Fun =P

Once In A While Yea xD?

I Pose For My Photography Buddies Cause In Order To Help Myself
I Have To Help Them First =)

They're Always Willing And Kind To Pose For Me.. =P Soooooo =P

Thank You Guys And Gals^^

And I Know

You Might Think I've Gone Crazy Or Something

Well.. Yea.. It's True


But.. I'm Just Trying To Save My Blog From Being Really Boring =P


Please Tell Me What I Can Do To Make It Better xD

Shenn =P

Jimmy And The Twins =P

4th Day

The 4th Day Was One Of The Most Tiring Day Ever
So Much Travelling

But We Had The Chance To Witness The Morning Frost

After The Morning Frost Thingy..

Actually =P
I Was Quite Tired..
It Felt Like.. I Needed Time Off From Photography



But There Are Times Where
I Just Can't Get Tired Off Taking Pictures

Yo ! Dell ! Yea ! He ! Who?

I Wish I Could Understand =\

oOo.. Sorry.. I Wasn't Focusing On The Main Subject >.<

Gia Lai Posing For Everyone

I Forgotten What These Are o.o