December 22, 2008

Did You Did I Or Did I Did You

Christmas Is Just Two Days Away =)

Well , Early Advice
Don't Do Drugs La K =)
And If You Get Sober From Drinking , Please Take Care =.=

Most Will Surely Get Drunk And Wasted On Christmas Eve & On Christmas Day Itself
Some Might Even Get * Cough * 
Joking xD

So What Do You Want For Christmas?
Well , I Still Wish For A Crumpler Bag =(
But Aiya =.= Been Spending Recklessly Already =.=

Gah , The Weather Today Is SOOOO Freaking Hot
And It Feels So Dry
Hate The Weather In K.L.

Currently , My Hand Is Aching
Hmm .. I Wonder Why xP

I Just Watched Yes Man Twice Yesterday And Today
Awesome Movie La

The Jokes Were Good
And The Actors Were Great
Zooey Deschanel Is A Cute Actress =P
She Can Sing Too =)

LoL.. I Wonderr What A Director Of Photography Does
Does He Compose How The Camera Should Be Position In Movies
Or Does He Only Take Pictures?

But , How The Cameras Were Composed In Yes Man Was REALLY Good
Straight Forward And Simple o.o

I Hope I Can Help Compose Movies Next Time xD
Would Be So Stressful But Cool
But Getting There Will Be Hard =(

Well , No Harm Trying? o.o
Slim Chance For Me Anyway =.=


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