April 30, 2009

Catch A Cow Farm A Fish

Picture From Singapore Last Year =P
Was Browsing Through My Hard Drive =P
Was Suppose To Spring Clean My Hard Drive

But In The End
I Got Carried Away =P

Haha.. My Dad And My Mom =P
My Dad Is Doing That Hand Pose Thingy Because Last Time
When I Was A Kid
I Kept Doing That Everytime Some1 Wanted To Take A Picture Of Me xD

But Now I Don't La =P
But It's So Funny To See My Dad Do That =P

I Like The Pic =)
Because It's Only My Dad And My Mom =)

oOo.. This 1 Is My Sister's Neighbour's Dog In J.B.
Quite Pityful
The Dog is Actually Left Outside Most Of The Time
Rain Or Shine =(
* ABOLISH xD Animal Cruelty *

This Is Another Picture Taken In Singapore * Sentosa Island * =P
If You Look Closely , My Family Had Squinched Eyes =P Except My Dad La xD 
It's Due To The Strong Breeze xD
Funny =P

Picture Taken At Paul's Place Last Year
It Keeps Reminding Me Of The Song One Last Breath

And I Like This Picture Because That Chicken Or Something
Looks Like It's Screaming AHHHHHHHH!!!!
I'm Random I Know >.> =P

The Random Shenn

Cimo Chimpanze

I'm Feeling Pretty Much BoOoReEeD..
Really Feel Like Going Out To Take Pictures..

Maybe I Should Just Go Rempit'ing.. HA HA
Lame Excuse >.>
Rempits Are Just A Bunch Of Losers.. Morons

Anyway..  That Day , My Friend Persuaded Me To Get A New Camera
Well , I Obviously Wish I Could
But Nah ..

I'm Still Fine With My 400D..I Still Sayang My 400D =)
* Grumbles Grumbles *

But , What Difference Does It Actually Make?
The Extra Feature Of That Camera Is Just The Video Capturing Thingy
And I Have Not Much Interest In Taking Videos Actually.. * Not Much * xD

I Know It Would Be Cool La To Have A New Camera..
But , I Just Hate The Fact That People Keep Emphasizing On The Fact( More Like Fiction ) That The Camera Will Determine How Great The Shots Will Be..
" Your Camera Is Old , Not Nice , EWWWWW "

I'm Also Hating How Everyone Now Is Assuming That The Equipments Are SoOo Important..
Practically , I'm Just Hating How Everyone Is Being To Technical About Cameras >.>

Hate Hate Hate..
We Need To Relax And Just Enjoy Photography As It Is..
Be Grateful For What We Have And Make The Best Out Of It =)
Being Too Technical Makes Photography A Lil Bit Boring You Know..

You Know What I Mean?
Ya Digging Me? 

Well , I'll End My Nerd Talk Here xD
Don't Even Know Why I Wrote This..
Wanna Sleep

The Hypocrite Shenn

April 26, 2009

Tell Me When Will You Be Mine =P

La La La..
Silhouette.. Picture Taken At The Playground Near My House



Right Wing Left Foot

I Barely Do Nature
But I Know xD
These Are Actually Really Boring Shots xD

But I Do Love The Colours Of The Flower
I'll Post Up More Pics Soon o.o xD

I'll Try xD

Well I'm Trying To Get Back Into The Mood For Photography
I've Been A Bump ..
Need To Exercise?
Taking Pictures Is My Only Form Of Exercise xD


April 24, 2009

Two Deaths Today

Today Was .. Terrible La
Mrs Ong Made Me Feel So Guilty During Bio Class..
Like I Screwed Up My Whole Bio Paper.. 
I Was So Paranoid And Emo..
Daniel Noticed...

In The End.. When I Checked
It Was 3 Mistakes
I Accidentally Mixed Up Granum With Granules =.= Silly Mistake

And My Genetic Engineering Question
Which I Really Didn't Know How To Do
Another 4 Marks

So Altogether 6 Marks..

The Last Question Was The Difference Between Mitosis For Plant Cell And Animal Cell
My Answer Was The Presence Of Centrioles.. Bla Bla Bla
She Was Contemplating Whether To Accept The Answer 

So Maybe Altogether It Would Be 8 Marks..
But She Made Me So Guilty Like I Screwed The Whole Paper =(
Gah.. =(

Emo Emo Emo Day

Nature Shot
Pretty Bad At It xD


April 23, 2009

Ce Ne Sera Pas Le Plus Doux Puisque C'est Ma Vengeance

No Mood To Say Much
But These Are Pics I Took Of Ah Fook A Few Days Ago

The Face He Gives You When He Is Asking For A Pat


April 19, 2009

F1 at Sepang 2009

Some Of The Pics I Took Two Weeks Ago=.= Blah
Nothing Great
Had No Mood To Move Around

Toyota =P 
Barely Anyone Looking At That Team xD =P

Red Bull .. VroOom?
Congrats To Them For The Shanghai Grand Prix Performance
Awesome Driving

For Those Who Didn't Get The Ear Plugs
You Can Actually See Them Covering Their Ears With Their Hand

Force India

F1 .. Uniting The World? xD
See.. Football Isn't The Only Thing Uniting The World xD

Hardcore Ferrari Fan?
Look What He Did To The Hood xD


April 5, 2009


Well.. The Reason Why I Did A Major Update
Was Just To.. Make Sure.. I Don't Leave Anything Out..

So .. I Now Announce That My Blog Will Be Shut Down Temporarily.. 

I'm Still Contemplating Whether I Should Even Continue Running This Blog..
Due To Personal Reasons , I Don't Think I'm Fit To Continue This Blog..


If I Feel Like I'm Okay.. Then This Blog Will Be Continued
But If Don't .. Then A Permanent Shut Down..

So .. Good Bye For Now
Just Give Me A Week Or So To Think About Everything


Soft Cookie Snail Shell

Pics From The Hari Anugerah That Day..
Hm.. I'm Not Going To Say Much

Well.. Basically
The Hari Anugerah Was ..
Ok La

We Did .. Cabut Half Way To A Mamak ( Devi's Corner ) 
Just To Kill Time .. Hehe

Well.. I Miss My School Friends =(
Welll.. That's All For Now 

Reshvin xD

Nicole =P

Farhana =P

LoL.. Junior.. Kristine Phang xD
Recieving Her Trophy For Her Excellent PMR Results xD

Nicole Yet Again =P

Vinod The Smart Bump =P

The Guys xD

Diyanaaaaa =P

The Guys + Jafri xD

And Sanoj =P


Random =P Pics Of G2 Students
G2 HooH!! xD

Anyway , I Just Came Back From Sepang

First Time.. Ever In My Life.. Well.. Of My Whole Life Watching F1 La ( 10 ++ Years Or So )
The Race Actually Did Not Complete..

It Stopped Half Way .. WHAT THE HECK =(
It Practically Was A Waste Of Time La
Wasn't Worth The Time Taken For The Journey To Reach Sepang And To Get Back Home

If The Race Would Have Completed..
It Would Have Been Better

The Sound Of The F1 Cars Were Exhilarating
VroOoOoM =P

Sadly , Ferrari Didn't Win =P
Buhuu.. Damn..

But I Think.. Having The Race In The Evening Is Totally Stupid
I Don't Think They Took Into Consideration The Weather =.=

Besides That.. The Parking System And The Traffic Was Practically Shit..
I'm Not Going To Censor The Word This Time..
Seriously.. It Was Total Bull Shit..

Such Disgrace Man..
Unnecessary Traffic Jams And A Totally Lousy Parking Lot..
Just Imagine .. The Ticket Was Actually 1K
And The Parking Is Like SHIT.. What Service =.=
( Parked At A2, The Muddy Crappy Lame Ugly Smelly Parking Lot ) .. 
Come On Man..

I Was A Bit Stressed Out Cause Of It..
Don't Know Why.. 
But I Took It Really Seriously=.=

I Was Practically Swearing The Whole Time When I Was At The Parking Lot =.=
Well.. That's All For Now


The Missing Picture

Oopppsss.. Forgotten To Upload This Pict Of Shu Jun o.o
Don't Know Why.. But It's One Of My Fav Picture Yet I Forgotten To Upload It..


Itchy Nail

Okay.. While Taking Pics Of The Rest Of My Classmates * For The SAM Magazine *
It Was Random Enough For Me To Take Some Shots From Above Like The One Below =P

BUT.. THIS IS.. I'm Not Sure Whether If It Is Pure Luck Or Just Pure..
But This Is Incredibly Funny =P
Scene 1

Scene 2 =P

Scene 3.. OMG xD
Wuahahaha.. No Joke Wei xD
And The Guy On The Left Looks Like He Is Keeping A Look Out xD
Being Afraid,  That Ppl Would Notice =P
Bahahaha.. So Funny xD Hehe

OMG.. Random =P


April 3, 2009

Darkened Mask With Clear Voices

Lol , My Blog Is Practically On Its Way To Its Death Sentence Already La xD
I'm So Sorry For The Lack Of Updates xD

Hehe..Anyway.. These Are Pics From Last Week's Outing
It Was Suppose To Be A Farewell Party For Kellyn =P

But In The End ,  She Actually Stayed Back In Taylors To Continue The SAM Programme xD
( Long Story Made Short .. She Had An Offer To Do Her SAM In The Olympia College But She Rejected The Offer With The Help Of Her Boyfriend =P )

So , As You Can See From The First Picture =P 
We Went To  'The Wind Mill ' In Subang
So So Only Lor .. But My Chicken Was Fresh  =P
Ok..Wait That Sounded Wrong..

Err.. The Chicken Chop I Ordered Was Pretty Fresh =P
It Was Soft And The Texture Was Nice La=P LoL
Bla Bla Bla Bla

And This Is Kellyn =P

LoL.. Candid Shots

Christy And Jocelyn =P

Li Ji And Shu Jun =P

LoL..  As Always , We Were The Noisiest =P
But Who Cares La =P We Are Paying Customers
It Was A Night To Relax And Unwind =P

After The Dinner Thingy , We Went To Summit
At First , We Planned To Go Bowling
But We Got Bored Of Waiting And We Ended Up At The Arcade Instead =P

For A Bunch Of 18 And 19 Years Old Students,
We Are Still Considered Childish =P

Guan Tat =P


Hikari xD

Vino Dipping His Finger Into A Cup Of Water After Burning His Hand With The Candle xD

Kellyn =P

Shu Jun As Usual =P
Being Herself =P

Hehe , Hyper And Random =P

Heavy No =P

Vino xD

LoL ?

The Girls xD
Full Stop.. XD 
Joking.. And The Guy xD

Vino And Christy xD

Muka Constipated xD

Well, That's All For Now xD
Peace Out xD