December 13, 2008

Evan And Jaron ~ CFTG =(

4 Months Ago Pictures.. Well =P
I Just Learnt Something New About Photoshop
So Yea.. Started Playing Around With The Old Pictures Again

Don't Know If Some Of You Will Notice It
But I Guess For Those Who Know Photoshop Pretty Well
Yea.. You Can See The Flaw

Or For Those Who Are Really Observant
Go Ahead xD 
Tell Me What You Think About It xD

I Know I'm Not Good In Photoshop Kay =.= =P

OuH God I'm So Bored
Was Playing The Fast And The Furious Tokyo Drift
And To Think Of It..
I Should Be Studying For My Undang Test=. =

Gah.. When Will I Ever Stop Procrastinating?
Prolly Tommorow=.=

Kavin And Vinod

LoL.. I Actually Really Don't Know What They're Trying To Do

Vinod =O


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