May 30, 2008

Time For Stapling


Shouldn't Take Very Long? o.o


Shenn =P

Do What You Want >.>

To All My Friends xD

Thank You , Thank You , Thank You =D
I Could Not Have Done IT Without You Guys & Gals =P

Especially To Those Who Comment On My Pictures And Me
I Do Appreciate That =P

I Won't Say Why I'm Saying This
But Yea =)

Thank You ^^ =P

LoL =.= I'm High =P
-.- If Jafri Was Beside Me Right Now

He Would Prolly Be Talking About Harrier Jump Jets Now -.-

Hmm.. And I Really Want To Go Singapore La.. =.=
I Know.. Random

But Yea..
Everytime When I Hear .. ' Vinod Is Going Singapore '

=.= zZz

One Day .. One Day

Oh Yea..

Jafri And Nicole.. I Owe You Lunch =P

And To Vinod , Vinod's Parents And Sanoj..
Thank You La =P
One Day.. I'll Repay xD

Haha.. Saying ' No Comment ' Is Actually A Comment o.o

The So Called Marching Band Drum Player :x

Shenn =P

Will He Bite? =P

We Call Him T.J.
My Mum's Friend's Son =)

He Comes To My House Once In A While
Just For Fun =P

And He Is Afraid Of My Dog =P
Haha.. He Is Adorable

My Sis.. Once Had To Take Him Into The Toilet
And You Know.. Assist Him With..
The Process =P

Hmm.. To Think Of It =P
We All Needed Help Last Time Right

Our Parents Had To Follow Us Into The Toilet * When We Were Small La *
And You Know.. Open Our Pants.. BLA BLA BLA

Then They'll Go..

Imagine By The Road

You Find It Disgusting?
Well.. Be Prepared For That =P xD

But I Feel Grateful You Know
My Parents Are Always By My Side

Supporting Me And All
Especially With My Studies And Hobbies..
Especially Photography =)

So I Want To Take This Opportunity..
And Wish..

Thank You Maa =P
Thank You Paaa =P


Shenn =P

I Disobey To Look Cute

May 24, 2008

Runway Mountain

The House Was Nice
Even Though It Was Far o.o

The Cars.. EVEN Nicer
If I Just Had 1 La =\

Hah.. But That Is Not The Main Point
The Party Was Nice o.o

Nicole's Birthday Party =)

Hmm.. The Thing I Enjoyed Most Was..
The Massaging Chair =P

Happy Birthday Nicole !!


Cyan Coloured Zebras

What Is School..
Without Friends? =)


May 23, 2008

Flirters In The Loo

Teachers' Day Was Ok =P
What I Like The Most Was..
What Kaavetha's Auntie Did For Mr. Yu .. =P

The Best Cake I've Ever Seen xD

I Got Nothing To Say xD =P

To Think Of It..
Last Year Of Secondary School Life o.o
Is It A Good Thing Or A Bad Thing? o.o

F5s xD

Nyang And Kris =)


May 21, 2008

Chirps And Burps

I'm Not Sure What's The Name Of That Bird's Species
But All I Know Is..
I Was Lucky To Be Able To Take Pictures Of It xD

It Does Look Weird Right?
Kinda Creepy And All .. But ..
I Find It Cute xD =P

Look At It.. Within Just A Week
Now It's Like.. A Cute Tubby Bird xD

Tubby Tubby Tubby =P
It Tried To Fly.. First Time Trying
But It Failed..
So My Mom Had To Pick Him/Her Up And Put It At The Nest Again

Look At It xD

Birth Is Beautiful xD?


May 17, 2008

Punk Rock Super Genius..Bird =)

Haha.. Now.. With Levine's Camera..
I Can Take Clearer Pictures
Of The Animals That .. You Know..

I Don't Know Actually.. o.o

Anyway =P
My Neighbour That Stays Behind Me.. Has A Dog =)
Name.. Tommy =D

Usually.. In The Morning.. Or At Night..
When The Masters Don't Let Him In..
He'll Whine And Scratch..
Whine And Scratch ( Scratch The Wall )

A Really Pampered Dog .. But Still.. Not As Pampered As Mine -.-

And Like All Dogs Or Cats..
They Always Know How To Make You Go ..
Awwwww o.o =)
With Their Watery Puppy Eyes xD
Got To Give It To Them
They Know Our Weak Spot?
Meet Tommy =)


May 15, 2008

Ear Plugs And A Cup Of Coffee

Macro Photography.. Is Fun =)


It Is Just So Freaking Fun..
That It Can Be REALLY Distracting

It's Always Like
When The Camera Is Beside Me..
When I'm Trying To Do My Work

* Takes Camera *
* Play Play Play Play Play *
* Looks At Watch * OMG *
Must Continue To Do Work.. o.o
* Looks At Camera *
Aiya.. I Got Another 5 Minutes Right ? =P

* Taken With A Tamron 90mm Macro Lens * Levine's Cam =) *

Haha.. Here's Your Picture Liang xD

I'm Just Darn Playful o.o
Hmm.. I Must Change =\
Nvm.. Tmrw La xD =P

Shenn =)

May 9, 2008

The Answer.. Regret


Semi Value >=P

I Understand The Need To Be Different
Especially In Photography -.-

LOL.. You Really Need To Stand Out
And It's Not Easy o.o
Trust Me

Garrrrrrrrhhhhhhhhhhhh o.o
Anyway.. I've Always Wanted A Macro Lens
Yea =) It Would Be So Sweeeeeeet =D

Haha.. Soooo.. One Way Or Another
I Had To Get One =)

All These Pictures Are Not Majorly Edited
As In.. Only Minor Adjustments Like Brightness, Contrast And Saturation Are Done..
The Vignette.. Haha.. =) It's Because Of The Lens =P

Haha.. What Lens =) Well..
Here's A Tip xD =P
I Used Two Lenses For This =)

=P Hehe.. Don't Worry La..
If You Want To Know.. Just Ask? =P

Haha.. Hope You Like The Pictures Anyway =)

Shenn =)

Hot Air .. Baboons?


After =P

o.o Nothing Biggy =.=
Just For The Sake Of Updating xD