April 29, 2008

That Is Your Target

AHH!! Exams Next Week..


April 25, 2008


Ok.. Boyceavenue Rocks My Socks o.o
* Cough *

You Have To Listen To Them =)

Trust Me.. You Will Love Them.. =)

There's More La.. You Just Got To Listen To Them/Him Play/Sing xD

Just Shenn

I Went To Putrajaya With Levine.. Ashleigh And Julina
Well.. My 2nd Time There =)

I Applied What I Learned In Japan
I Don't Know =P

Do Comment o.o
I Think It's Just Okay Only o.o


Just Shenn =)

April 19, 2008

Meet Uncle Hussain

I Support The Local Music Industry
Well.. Some La xD

No Offense o.o
But So Far.. To Me.. There Are Only A Few Good Ones
Like Meet Uncle Hussain And One Buck Short..
OAG Is Good Too.. Not To Forget Too Phat =\

I Know .. I Don't Look Like A Guy Who Listens To Our Own Local Bands Or Groups
But Hey.. I DoOo... If You Would Actually Listen To Fly Fm.. Yea..
They Do Play Our Local Band's Songs..

I Say .. We Need To Be Original o.o
And Different..

Something That Everyone Can Understand, Like Or Love..
I Hate Wannabes Especially -.-


Meet Uncle Hussain .. Is Unique In A Way..
Especially When The Vocalist Sings..

The Tune Is Simple Yet Sweet =)
Trust Me .. They Are Good

Some Made It Through By Luck..
But I Prefer Those Who Made It From Scratch =)



April 16, 2008

Seconds That Should

I'm Just Trying .. o.o Is There Anything Wrong Trying?
New Styles Of Editing?

Please Comment.. Tell Me If My Editing Is Wrong Or Anything >.<
I Suck =.=


And Her Bro


I Knew Better...

I Didn't Manage To Take Much For The Indian Dance Thingy
Vinod .. Kavin .. Arthavan And Viknesh Were Dancing

Only Managed To Capture A Few Shots Of Kavin =P
Sorry Guys >.<


The U That Became A Rainbow =)=

Burhanudin Doing His Thing To The 'Beat It' Song =P
I Find It Interesting =)

Anything That Has To Do With Michael Jackson's Moves
Yea.. I'm Fascinated =P

Goodie Goody Good Good o.O?

Ruiz =P

Shenn =P

Respect Is Imporant Lor

Golden Night Was ..

I Don't Know =P
I Didn't Pay To Go In Anyway =P xD
So Yea.. It Was Ok xD

Well.. I'm A Cheapskate =P

I Went There Just To
1. See Vinod's Group Perform
2. See Meet Uncle HussainPerform
3. See OAG Perform =P
4. =P

It Wasn't A Waste Of Time For Me =)

Even Got A Chance To Use My Juniors External Flash xD
So.. For Most Of The Pictures I Took.. I Used Two External Flashes

My Fellow Photographer Teacher =P

Raidah And Adibah Noor

Shenn =P

April 13, 2008

Twisted Tales Of Promises

I'm Currently Messing Around A LOT With Adobe..

I Need Tips..

I Don't Mind Even If Your Comments Are Bad Comments =)

Shenn =P

April 11, 2008

Did You Flush?

Canon Finally Did A Website On The Canon Photo Clinic In Japan

So.. I Guess.. It Is Fine For Me To Post My Up Some Of The Pics I Love Best NowxD
I'll Post Up Half First.. Still Uncertain About The Quality Of The Picture=P


Pictures Are All Taken In Japan =)
Hope You Like It =\

Just Shenn =P

Flicker Ficker

All You Have To Do Is Just Make Him Bald..
Get Him A Mustache
And Find Him Some Circular Spectacles =P

Correct? =P

Danesh My Man =)

Shenn =P

April 7, 2008

Hello.. Bee Thigh Gym

Cheesing Out

The Photographer For The Euphoria Charity Concert Was
Levine =D

You Can Visit His Blog At www.lhast.blogspot.com =P
Still Single?

=P Not Sure.. But Can Really Party La That Dude xD =D

Muah Pee Smells Like Coffee

Haha.. Point 7 =)
Our Band =D

We Performed That Day For The Euphoria Charity Concert..

Those Who Went..
What Do You Think Of Our Performance? =P

Haha.. Please =P Constructive Comments Ya xD =P

Our Vocalist =P
Vinod =)

Shenn =D

April 6, 2008

You Know ,, Right?

Won't Say Much About It * Euphoria Charity Concert *
=P Cause.. Writing A Review On It Would Be Damn Cliche =P
* Plus I'm Not Biased *

It's Like Saying..
How Many Blogs Can You Find With A Review That Can Be Good Or BAD Over A Topic?

Nyeeeepp -.-

For Me.. It Was Satisfying =)
That's All..
At Least We Know We Tried Our Best..

Thank You Everyone For Your Support
And For Those Who Think It Was Mediocre

Well.. We're Really Sorry..
But Hey =P

For 16 And 17 Year Old Students..
I Think It Was A Huge Achievement For Us ^^

Shenn ^^

To My Fellow Interactors Of SMKTTDI
Great Job =) Thank You =D