December 24, 2008

1 Is Not Related To 2

Slow Down You Crazy Child~
You're So Ambitious For A Juvenile~

Currently , I'm Listening To Billy Joel , Vienna
I Love That Song xD

Well , Today I Took A Walk At The Park Near My House
Wanted To Take Random Pictures Of Something .. Anything
I Miss Taking Random Pictures

Hmm , So .. I Climbed The The Monkey Bar?
Is It Called A Monkey Bar?
There , Those Huge Little Things You Climb On
Colourful.. Usually We Play 'Catching On Those ' 

Damn , I Miss Playing Games On Those Things
Really Fun =)

Anyway , Will Be Updating On The Pics I Took Today
Soon .. Didn't Really Take Much
PLEASE.. Give Me Critical Constructive Comments =(
I Would So Appreciate It



Anonymous said...

Maybe, you should go to photography lessons. Obviously your pictures are lacking color. Glad I could help. cheero!

Sean Ng Sze Shenn said...

Nah , I Just Wanted It Like That .

I Decreased The Saturation Of The Colours

But Thank You =)

Appreciate It

missnissa said...

i miss it too! :( boohoo