December 12, 2008

It's A WOMEN's Shoe o.o

LoL.. I Went To The 'Far East Plaza' In Singapore
And Got Myself A Pair Of Shoes =.=
Nike Air Max'90 .. 

Well.. Guess What.. I Checked It Out On The Nike Website
Wtheck o.o
It's A Women's Shoe o.o 
Watheshmuck Man..=.=

That's The Shoe I Bought

For Those Who've Seen It Before
Well.. They Said It Look Pretty Tomboy-ish
The Guy At The Shop Said It Was Unisex =.=

Well..Lucky It's Black
Not Baby Blue =P

No Regrets..No Regrets =P
I Just Find It Damn Funny

So If  You See Me In A Shoe White And Black
And You Laugh At Me
OuH.. I'll Laugh Back With You For Laughing At Me To Make You Think I'm Laughing At A Senseless Joke o.o Makes Sense?
I Guess Not =.=

Anyway.. I'm Going To Taylors Later Today
Mum Wants Me In For The First Intake.. SAM
o.o >.< =.= zZz

After That.. O.U. Hopefully..
If  You Really Got Nothing To Do
Just Find Me In O.U. With My Shoes
So You Can Laugh At Me For Purchasing A Pair Of Nike Women's Sport Wear Shoe =P

Ps.. Far East Plaza ( Orchard Road ) Is Filled With =)
Drools =D =P

Singapore Looks Pretty Messy From Here
Click On The Picture To Get A Bigger View?


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