December 31, 2008

Over My Legs

Self Portaits?
LoL.. That Is Siewlynn With My Camera

Well.. She Just Left For U.K. xD
Take Care Lil Demon xD
Study Hard And Stay Innocent xD

And This Is Me =P
With Paul's Awesome D300

He Left It In My House
So For Now.. I'm Taking Care Of It xD =P
Awesome Awesome Camera xD


December 30, 2008

If I Find My Own Way , How Much Will I Find ?

Peak A Boo ?

Finally.. After A Few Months
Managed To Go For Another Photo Outing With Paul
This Time.. It Was Different 

More Walking.. Less Driving
We Walked Around Taman Tun
Near My House 
Around The Park  ,
 Through Lembah Kiara Then Back To My House
Fun xD

Tiring But Fun La..

I Was Also Wearing My Sandals
Which Almost Gave Me Blisters
Lucky I Got Used To It.. =.= zZz

Interesting What You Can Find Around Taman Tun If You Were To Really Look
A Lot Of  Interesting Subjects =P

Love The Jaguar
Paul With His Drink
We Were Messing Around After We Stopped For A While
To Get Some Drinks

Actually =.=
We Are Always Messing Around =P
Random Stuffs Come And Go
Which Makes Our Life Interesting =)

Oh.. The Awesome BMC Moke
The Car Has Been There For Years
Yet.. My Friend Told Me The Owner Still Drives It
Cool Wei

Modelling =P


The Engine-less Car
LoL.. Another Cool Subject =P

Proud Potential Owner Of The Engine-less Car =P

My Teacher , Paul Levine

Hope To Go For Another Photo Outing Soon


December 29, 2008

No Woman

It Will Take Some Time For Me To Recover From This
Yes.. Recover.. From The Kisses On The Sick Days
And The Hugs On The Bitter Nights

I Saw It All.. I Remember It All..
It Is Still A Part Of Me..

I Am Still Attached
Attached To The Silly Things..
Silly Things That I Miss So Much..
Wish Someone Would Help Me Answer My Questions

Someone , Anyone o.o


December 28, 2008

Somewhere Cold

Yea.. I've Been Sleeping Really Early In The Morning ( Between 3 To 4 a.m. )
And I'll Always Be Getting Up Really Late (  Between 11a.m. And 1p.m. )
It Sucks =.=
Cause.. I Hate To Know That My Whole Morning Is Gone Due To Sleeping

After That.. Usually After Lunch
I'll Take A Walk Around Taman Tun
With My Camera.. Snap Here.. Snap There
Hmm.. Exercising Is Good =)

Well.. That Day.. Took Pictures Of A Few Cats
Hmm.. I'm Still More Of A Dog Fan Then Cats
Dogs Are.. Way Cuter?
And Their Sh*t Don't Stink As Much As Cats' Sh*t

xD Pity Ah Fook
He Is Infested With Ticks Again
My Mom Suspects That The Dog From A Few Blocks Away
Comes Over Every Night To Visit Ah Fook =O

My Dog Having A Relationship =O ?
Like He Has Not Gotten Enough Attention From Us =.=

Well.. Not From Me La =P
I Still Refuse To Pet Him At Times
Due To My Sensitive Skin =.=

So Now .. I'm Not Sure What My Mom Is Going To Do About It
Since Ah Fook's Special Shampoo Seems To Be Ineffective


SO.. How Are You Going To Celebrate New Years?
Go Curve?
Go OU?
Go Clubbing?
Go Drinking?
Throw Cans At A Police Officer?

Don't Be Silly La =.=
Know Your Limits

The Cat Was Sleeping In That Position
Till I Woke It Up

A Cat And A Kitten =)

Purrr o.o?

Don't Be Scared Of Me xD


I Like You Sneaky >=)

Ahh ..I Just Came Back From Another Small BBQ Gathering
Nothing Much To Say About It =.=
I Hate Posers ..

Seriously Party Poopers =.=


Nervous? Nah =.=
But Seriously , One Year Has Passed By So Fast o.o
3 More Days To The New Years o.o

Well.. Enjoy Life As Much As You Can =)
Don't Waste Any Second


December 27, 2008

I Watch Your Every Move >=)

LoL =.= Sean The Stalker Eih =P
Buhuu To You 

Picture Taken At Levine's House
Wanted To Do That.. Stalker Theme
Keeping An Eye On The ' Subject ' 
To Bad There Isn't Any Human Figure Inside That Picture =(

I Need To Learn How To Improve My Shots >.<


December 25, 2008

Pointing Down To The Stars

Graffiti Is Seriously Art
No Doubt

Well .. To Me .. If Your Graffiti Is Awesome
It's Not Vandalism ^^

Come On Man..
It's Art On A Wall
Doesn't Always Have To Be On A Canvas..

Somehow , The Government Should Promote Graffiti-ing
Graffiti In A Positive Way La

As Long As There Are No Vulgar Words Or Anything
Then Can Already

Instead Of Trying To Catch These ' Criminals ' 
Why Don't Use Graffiti To Promote Good Messages =)
Like Love .. Peace Or UNITY

If Graffiti Is Vandalism
Then This Act Of Vandalism Is Art xD

It Makes The World More Colourful?
Wuahaha =D
To Me La

I'm Starting To Love Grafftiti All Over Again

Scary Area Behind Those Bars
Wouldn't Want To Go In There
Some More , It's Located Near A Banana Tree o.o

Freaking Cute Graffiti
My Fav Drawing On The Wall
All These Graffiti Can Be Found At The Taman Tun Park
At Jalan Datuk Sulaiman

Good To Know =.=


An Ending That Ended At The Beginning

Don't Waste Your Life For This
It Ain't Worth It Man

If Others Can Enjoy Life Without It
So Can You


December 24, 2008

Enter My Broken Home

I Remember Everything About Us
Every Single Thing That Matter To Us

From The Smallest Detail To The Biggest & Most Obvious
It's All Still Stuck In My Head

From Our Song
To The Clothes You Wear On Every Outing
And The Way You Hold My Hand For Every Movie We Watched Together

But , To Think Of It..
For The Things You Said No At
For The Things We Always Fought About
I Really Couldn't Take It Anymore

Even The Simplest Thing Matter To Me
But Just To Spend Quality Time With You
It Was Hard

You've Known For Me Almost A Year
Yet You're Still Shy When You're Around Me
Why ? I Really Don't Understand Why..

Repeatedly , I Told You I Didn't Care
Yet , You Always  B*tch And Whine About It

I Hated You For It..
It Was Hurtful To Me..

How Dare You Even Ask Me That Question
It Is A Mistake That You Almost Repeated Again

You're Lazy When It Comes To Me..
Take Things For Granted
Always Expecting The Easy Way Back In To Me

I Was A Fool
I Gave You Too Many Chances
But I'm Feeling Better Now That
We Have Ended


1 Is Not Related To 2

Slow Down You Crazy Child~
You're So Ambitious For A Juvenile~

Currently , I'm Listening To Billy Joel , Vienna
I Love That Song xD

Well , Today I Took A Walk At The Park Near My House
Wanted To Take Random Pictures Of Something .. Anything
I Miss Taking Random Pictures

Hmm , So .. I Climbed The The Monkey Bar?
Is It Called A Monkey Bar?
There , Those Huge Little Things You Climb On
Colourful.. Usually We Play 'Catching On Those ' 

Damn , I Miss Playing Games On Those Things
Really Fun =)

Anyway , Will Be Updating On The Pics I Took Today
Soon .. Didn't Really Take Much
PLEASE.. Give Me Critical Constructive Comments =(
I Would So Appreciate It


December 23, 2008

Crashed On The Floor

Sigh..  Yesterday Was The 'Last Day'
Hmph =(
It's 2a.m. Now

Well , It's Time To Move On -.-

Before I End This Really Short Post

I Have To Say That
I'll Never Forget That Smile =)
And That Face =)

She Really Deserved The Title
* R D C G * ^^


Glowing In Black

I Had A Hot Mocha 
And A Spagetino Something Something =P
Total Cost RM 25++ 

But Guess How Much I Paid =.=
RM 50
I Was Left With A Dollar Only After That

Felt So Guilty
Mom Would Kill Me If She Knew I Spent That Much

But It Was To Belanja Mr. Yu La
So I Didn't Really Mind?

Well.. Once In A Lifetime La
Haha .. I'll Work My A** Off So That Next Time Instead I Can Belanja My Mum xD
I Would And I Will =)

LoL , Here's Danny Covering Himself With The Serviette
LoL , I Guess , Some Guys Are Really Shy When It Comes To Taking Pics
* Cough * Hypocritical Statement xD *
Hmm ,But  I'm Still Frustrated Over The Fact That
When You Want To Take Pics Of Some Girls
They Will Claim That They Are FAT When They Are NOT =.=
Why? Please Explain Why =.=

Amirah * Did I Spell It Correctly?
She Seemed Really Quite Today
She Should Smile More La =D
More Cheerful Looking

Smiling Is Good For The Body ^^
And Face xD

Love This Cake
If You Can't See The Words On The Cake
It Actually Says  " If You Sleep , I Will Bite Your Bulu Ketiak "
One Of Mr Yu's Most Funniest Threat xD

Siewlynn And Mr.Yu
He Has Thought Her BM Since She Was Form 1

Is Kent Praying =P?

oOo.. Fine Dining
That Was My Slice Of The Cake
Prolly The Other 24 Ringgit Was For The Cake
One Thing About Fine Dining xD

You Pay So Much , For So Little
Well , Maybe The Food Is Good La
But But , Imagine How Much They Profit o.o
Lets Say , A Special Carbonara SET
RM 50 .. Eih , Profit Like 45 Ringgit Plus Plus Ok o.o

But If It's Candle Light Dinner On A Special Occasion
Then I Understand La
Want It To Be Romantic And Memorable Right? =P

The BU4-rians xD

From The Left , Siewlynn , Amirah , Julius , Han Liang , Jafri*Blinking* , Mr.Yu , Danny , Alvin C , Ping Chien And Kent Khow .LoL

Picture Taken By A Security Guard =P

Well , That's All For Now =P

Shenn ^^

December 22, 2008

Did You Did I Or Did I Did You

Christmas Is Just Two Days Away =)

Well , Early Advice
Don't Do Drugs La K =)
And If You Get Sober From Drinking , Please Take Care =.=

Most Will Surely Get Drunk And Wasted On Christmas Eve & On Christmas Day Itself
Some Might Even Get * Cough * 
Joking xD

So What Do You Want For Christmas?
Well , I Still Wish For A Crumpler Bag =(
But Aiya =.= Been Spending Recklessly Already =.=

Gah , The Weather Today Is SOOOO Freaking Hot
And It Feels So Dry
Hate The Weather In K.L.

Currently , My Hand Is Aching
Hmm .. I Wonder Why xP

I Just Watched Yes Man Twice Yesterday And Today
Awesome Movie La

The Jokes Were Good
And The Actors Were Great
Zooey Deschanel Is A Cute Actress =P
She Can Sing Too =)

LoL.. I Wonderr What A Director Of Photography Does
Does He Compose How The Camera Should Be Position In Movies
Or Does He Only Take Pictures?

But , How The Cameras Were Composed In Yes Man Was REALLY Good
Straight Forward And Simple o.o

I Hope I Can Help Compose Movies Next Time xD
Would Be So Stressful But Cool
But Getting There Will Be Hard =(

Well , No Harm Trying? o.o
Slim Chance For Me Anyway =.=


December 21, 2008

Papa Pia

I'm Really Really Disappointed With My Shots Of Point 7 =.=
Shots Are Either Blur Or Over Exposed And 
The Compositions Were Terrible , Really Really Boring Compositions >.<
I Guess It'll Always Be La >.<

Today , So Far , Has Been A Weird Mixed Feelings Something Day
It All Started Off Ok Lar
Woke Up At 6.40 , Took My Bath , Etc Etc
And Got Ready For The Undang Test

When The Driving Instructor Arrived
Jafri Was Already In The Car
Ok Lar , Everything Was Still Going Fine

To See Jafri Stone When The Driving Instructor Talks  Is Damn Funny =P
Then When We Reached Our Destination ,
We Still Had 20 Minutes To Wait

It's Ok  .. Still Ok =.=
Then Suddenly =.=

That *Guy* Came
Haih >.> A Past That I Will Never Forget
Wtheck -.-

It's Been A Few Years Already And I'm Still Not Over It
To Think Of It =.= I Am A LOSER

But.. Well.. I Passed My Undang ..
Yipeee !! 48/50
Felt Kinda Relieved
Was So Scared That I Would Fail Or Something

But Ok La , 
I Hate The Operating Officer There Though
Spoke To Me In Cantonese 
& I Seriously Didn't Know How To Reply >.>
Instead I Replied In Hokkien >.>

Sorry La , Wa Bae Hiau Kong Kung Fu Wah
Bo Anae Ho
Bo Tak Bae Hiau Kong Lor
Wa Si Hokkien Eh Lang Ok =)

Seriously .. Banana Inc. =.=
( Ok , What I Just Wrote In Hokkien I Simply Bang , But I Guess It's Somewhere Around There xD )

So If You See Me Next Time
PLEASE Understand My Situation xD

So Before This Post Ends
Here Are My Boring Pictures

Vinod The Vocalists

Hung Hang

Gurtej The Lead Guitarist

Leena, Also The Vocalist =P
She's Doing Her Usual' Tilt Her Head' Pose =P

Gur Gur Tej Tej

This Shot Reminds Me Of Those Olden Day Photos
Prolly Around The 70's
With The B&W
And The Grainy Feel


Aww.. So LOOKS Damn Innocent Here xP

Amazing How Resh Managed To Tilt His Body Almost Exactly 90 Degress
If You Were To Just Look Below
You Can See Me.. With My Remote =P

Anyway.. That's All For Now =)=