January 31, 2009

eM eB t'noD

Lou Sang =P
Not Sure How To Spell
But This Is A Pic Of My Mom's Side Of The Family =P

My Blog Is So Dead Wei =.=


January 29, 2009

Smile Little Frackle

Sorry =P 

Old Picture =P

Taken Last Year .. On The 30th Of December =P

Sorry For Being Really Slow Guys , I Was Lazy xD =P


January 28, 2009

Green Mixture Of Red

My Sister In Front Of My Gmom's House =P

My Dad Told Me That People In Taiping Actually Bet Against The Weather =P
They Will Predict How The Weather Will Be Like And What Time It Would Actually Rain xD

How Cool Is ThatWei xD 
Wish He Had Something To Bet Against Here In K.L. 

Hmm.. Maybe Predict Which Road In K.L. Would Be Jam Packed And At What Time ..
Even  Predict Which House Is Going To Get Robbed 
And The Number Of Times It Will Happen In A Certain  Area =.=

Damn Man.. Taman Tun Isn't Safe Anymore >.>
Damn The Lifeless & Worthless People =.=

Recently , There Have Been Many Cases Of Break Ins In Taman Tun And I Barely See Effort To Curb The Stupid Problem


Fine.. Maybe There Are A Few Police Men Who Goes Around Keeping A Look Out La
But It Still Happens.. Break Ins Still Happen o.o
( Not Only Break Ins La , Car Jacks Also Occurs Often )

And Do I Look Like Some Kind Of Thieve To You?
I Should Have Asked The Police Man What Was In His Head When He Stopped Me While I Was Walking Back Home From O.U.  o.o

Well.. At Least There Is Effort
But It Still Happens Man 

Tell Me.. How Many Of You Actually Go Out To Check
When Your Hear One Of A Car's Alarm Go Off

It's Like , While You Are Watching T.V.
And You Hear It
You Would Just Be Like Aiya , Not My BusinessLa , 
Just Let Someone Else Handle It
( I Know Cause I Always Do That xD )

Now I Say, It's A Freaking Bad Habit And We Should Really Change Our Attitude Towards This
Who Knows o.o 
One Day It Might Actually Be Our Own Car Being Car Jacked =O Or Your Own Room Being Raided =P

My Cousin xD aka Rhun Hock

Well , That's All For Now xD


January 27, 2009

Morning Bark Evening Purr

Nabbit You Lil Rabbit

My Dad's Side Of The Family =P

Apparently , We Have A New Addition In The Family =P
But Under A Different Surname =P

His Name Is Lucas Soo xD
Date Of Birth 25 January 2009 =)

But He Is Not In The Pic * Aww

So Dissapointed That My Camera Isn't Functioning Properly
Had To Take This Picture At A Big Aperture ( f 3.5 )

So Not A Good Thing =(

The 2nd Generation =)


Heck Blue The In What?

I'm Not In A Good Mood =(
Damn =.= 

My Camera Is Dying =(
Well .. In A Way La..
Everytime I Try To Shoot At A Certain Setting

It Dies.. * It Shows Error 99 *
So I'm Forced To Shoot At A Very Big Aperture All The Time


Going To Send My Camera For Servicing Tmrw
Hopefully It Isn't A Rip Off Thingy =.=



January 24, 2009

The 300th >=)

The Trip Back To Taiping Was Tiring
Supposedly , Like Previous Years , We Leave By 8
But This Year.. We Left At 10 =.=

It Usually Takes About 3 Hours To Get Taiping * Without Jam *
But We Arrived At My Grand Mom's Place At 3 =.=
So Yea.. 5 Hours In The Car .. Taking Pics Of The Protons >.>


I Even Had A Leg Cramp
Damn Annoying And Painful

I'm Blaming Those Idi*ts
Who Don't Know How To Drive For The Really Tiring And Boring Journey
Geez Man =.=

Senseless Traffic Jams =.=
It's A High Way Man o.o

People Who Use The Emergency Lane For Their Own Convenience Are Idi*ts =.=
Come On.. It's Also Because Of Them The Traffic Is Bad
Damn You Nutcases =.=
Kopi O License

Anyway.. Time To Be A Lil More Positive
Look At That
M C B =P Wuahaha
Sry =X xD

Is It Sleeping? =P

That's My Dad Resting After The Really Long Drive

A Very Bad And Sad Sunset Picture

LoL.. My Gmom's Cat =P

And That's My Sis =P
Scrapping The Coconut Thingy =P

That Thing She Is Sitting On..
Was Built By My Grandfather
I Don't Actually Know How Old It Is
But I Guess It's Older Then Me And My Sister

Maybe 20 Years?
My Gdad Is A Very Good Craftsman
Handyman =P

He Builts Cupboards , Chairs And Etc Etc
Too Bad That Gene Is Not Inherited By Me Or My Sisters xD

My Mom =P
It's Quite Fun Actually =P

& That's Me =P
I Was A Jakun La K =P
What To Do =P
City Kid =.=


P.s. Drive Carefully La K
Don't Be An Idi*t
You Don't Want To Spend Your New Years In The Hospital Or Something

January 23, 2009


Christy Blocking Her Face =P

Pics Taken During Break .. LoL =P
Majority Of The Class Ate At Salmon Stake
Opposite Taylor's Business School =P
The Food Was Not Bad Actually =P

Haha .. Afforable La
Tight Budget Every Month =P

Chris Tea =P

Vino =P
The Guy Who Always Get Bullied In Class

Danial The Smart A** =.=
Freaking Jealous =P
He Is Damn Good In Physics And Bio =.=

Jocelynn And Ing Ching =P
Sry If There Is Any Typo =P

Random Shot =P

Kellyn And Vidhia=P

I Think By Far The Most Coolest Name So Far In Our Class =P
Hikari =P


G2 HoOoH

Sorry For The Very Blur Pic * Taken With A Camera Handphone *
But .. That's My Class =)

Awesome Awesome Class =)
So Far SAM Has Been Tiring La
But Well =P

Meeting My Classmates In College
 Is One Of The Reason Why College Has Been Fun So Far =P

Today , The Whole Class Wore Red
Well.. 2 Didn't La

But Well , I Think, It Is Fair For Me To Say =P
The Class Is Quite United =)

I Like My Class xD =P
It Rocks xD


January 17, 2009

The Poisonous Wait

The Indian Version Of Einstein xD

Attended Priya's Birthday Party Yesterday
It Was More Of A Halloween Themed Party Actually =P
Most Of Them Were Dressed Up o.o
And It Was Really Considered Like Entering Hell's Gate =P

The Kids Were Hyper And Well =P
They Are .. Not As Innocent As We Expected Them To Be xD

Hyper o.o
Really Really Hyper..

For Only Form 1 Students

Technology Savy
I Saw A Kid With An iPhone o.o

Priya's Friends Taking Pics Of Themselves .. LoL

LoL , Looks Like A Rapper Or Something?
With The Chain Hanging And The Hat

Seenu =P 

The Kids =P

Stylo Tai Lo

Well , To Me, They Don't Really Look Like F1 Students=.=

The Birthday Girl .. Priya =)

I Like
The View From The House


January 13, 2009

Let Us See It Come To Life >=)

Meet My New Model.. =P
Well =.= For Now , I'm Having A Cough And A Flu

Today Started Off Fine La
Had A Flu Eni
Now My Throat Is Dry And The Flu Thingy Is Worst=.=

How Will I Survive Tmrw ? =.=
It's Scary.. 

It's Like , Even For One Minute If I Don't Pay Attention
I Might Miss Out A LOT In Class

=( Awww =.=
Damn This

Anyway.. I'll Try To Post Up More Pics Of My 'New Model' Soon 


That's All For Now 


January 10, 2009

My Heart In A Water Bottle

Wished The Beginning Started Off Differently


That Chicken Gave Birth To A Fish

Ah Fook Is So Typical La =P
Now , Since He Has The Ticks
My Mom Decided To Lock Him Out For A  Week
But .. He Still Manages To Sneak Into The House

And Every Time He Manages Gets In
He Hides Under The Dining Table
So That It'll Be Hard For Us To Reach For Him
What A Bump =P

Ah Fook , Like Us Also ( My Family )
Loves Bread o.o
He Loves The Gardenia Bread La

And He Can Tell
Whether If It Is Gardenia Or Not
Picky Boy =.=

Usually , When We Give Him A Slice Of Bread
He Will Wait For Us To Give Him Another Slice Before He Starts Eating
And Lets Say You Are Sitting On The Couch
Eating A Bread

He Will Climb Up The Chair ,
Go As Close As Possible
And Try To Take The Bread Away From You

If Not , He Would Just Give That Pathetic Watery Eye Face ,
WHICH  Most Of Us Would Fall For It=.=
And Give In To Him..

( He Even Stole My KFC Chicken From The Dining Table Before =.= ) 
But Well , He Is Like A Living Soft Toy That Me  And My Sister Love Bullying
We Call Him Funny Names And We Always Love To Annoy Him

Maybe It's Because He Can't Answer Us
But Still , He Loves The Attention =P

Ah Fook Wiggling *

Jalan Datuk Sulaiman


January 9, 2009

Good Job At The 1 Dollar Shop

So Far So Good =)
College Has Been Ok For The Past Few Days =P
Eventhough It Is Really Tiring
 But Well , There's Nothing I Can Actually Do About It

My Classmates Are Also Awesome By The Way =)
Freaking Nice , Polite And Friendly =P

Our Chemistry Lecturer Came Into  Our Class
And Said That.. Eventhough It Has Only Been 3 Days
It Feels Like We Have Known Each Other For A Month Already xD
( We We're Really Noisy xD  That's Why )

LoL..  Not Only That , My Lecturers Are Also Damn Awesome

Even Through The Lecturers
It Seriously Proves That The Local Education System Is BAD
The Lecturers Are So Good That Sometimes You Just Wish The Class Would Be Longer =X

More Pictures Taken During The Photo Outing With Kirs xD *

The Contrast In Life o.o

Well ,  I Don't Think I'll Be Updating Often Anymore Yet Again =P
I Will La.. But Less 
Back To The Average 10 Or Less Post A Month =P

Haih.. Now I'm Asking Myself
Should I Bring My Compact Camera To College? o.o
It's Risky , But But I Seriously Miss Taking Pics With My C.Camera

So Should I xD?
Hmmm =P

Well, I'll Try To Update Soon La xD
Sry =P

That's All For Now o.o