December 23, 2008

Glowing In Black

I Had A Hot Mocha 
And A Spagetino Something Something =P
Total Cost RM 25++ 

But Guess How Much I Paid =.=
RM 50
I Was Left With A Dollar Only After That

Felt So Guilty
Mom Would Kill Me If She Knew I Spent That Much

But It Was To Belanja Mr. Yu La
So I Didn't Really Mind?

Well.. Once In A Lifetime La
Haha .. I'll Work My A** Off So That Next Time Instead I Can Belanja My Mum xD
I Would And I Will =)

LoL , Here's Danny Covering Himself With The Serviette
LoL , I Guess , Some Guys Are Really Shy When It Comes To Taking Pics
* Cough * Hypocritical Statement xD *
Hmm ,But  I'm Still Frustrated Over The Fact That
When You Want To Take Pics Of Some Girls
They Will Claim That They Are FAT When They Are NOT =.=
Why? Please Explain Why =.=

Amirah * Did I Spell It Correctly?
She Seemed Really Quite Today
She Should Smile More La =D
More Cheerful Looking

Smiling Is Good For The Body ^^
And Face xD

Love This Cake
If You Can't See The Words On The Cake
It Actually Says  " If You Sleep , I Will Bite Your Bulu Ketiak "
One Of Mr Yu's Most Funniest Threat xD

Siewlynn And Mr.Yu
He Has Thought Her BM Since She Was Form 1

Is Kent Praying =P?

oOo.. Fine Dining
That Was My Slice Of The Cake
Prolly The Other 24 Ringgit Was For The Cake
One Thing About Fine Dining xD

You Pay So Much , For So Little
Well , Maybe The Food Is Good La
But But , Imagine How Much They Profit o.o
Lets Say , A Special Carbonara SET
RM 50 .. Eih , Profit Like 45 Ringgit Plus Plus Ok o.o

But If It's Candle Light Dinner On A Special Occasion
Then I Understand La
Want It To Be Romantic And Memorable Right? =P

The BU4-rians xD

From The Left , Siewlynn , Amirah , Julius , Han Liang , Jafri*Blinking* , Mr.Yu , Danny , Alvin C , Ping Chien And Kent Khow .LoL

Picture Taken By A Security Guard =P

Well , That's All For Now =P

Shenn ^^

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