December 4, 2008

Doing Easy Saying

Well .. Vinod Loves Knifes
Or Parang =.= I Don't Know
But It Has Something To Do With Anything Sharp And Dangerous La =P
Ukhm =P

For His Birthday..
They Got Him A Knife
Seriously Quite Sharp Wei o.o

Different People Different Interest Right?

Like..I Love Cameras .. And Lenses
Prolly You'd Be Thinking I'm Some Kind Of Geek =.=
But Who Cares? =P

Anyway.. Now.. I Can't Wait To Go To Singapore

3 More Days
I Love Travelling ^^

Anyway=.= Vinod.. I Forgotten To Pay You Back For Dinner That Day In Genting
For The Mee Goreng =.=
4.20 And Hundred Plus.. Which I Forgotten The Price

Do Remind K ? =.=

Reshvin The Masochist =P

LoL.. I Find Resvhin's Expression Damn Funny
And Look At His Right Hand

=P Su Always The Victim?

Kavin And Gurtej

=O =P



The Last Pic From The Party
That's All For Now =P


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