May 31, 2009

Carry You Ferry Poo

LoL , Today Was Fun
I Enjoyed The Whole Day =)
Shu Jun's Family Is Fun xD

The Mom Took Us To A Few Places =)
Quite Fun =)

I'll Post Up More Pictures After I Get Back Home =P
Haha =P Now I Can't Wait To Get To Melaka
Even If It Is Just For A Day =P

Shu Jun's Sister , Mom And Shu Jun =P

The View Of Singapore From The Beach Side =P

Shu Jun's Sister And Her Boyfriend xD

Lol , Shu Jun Posing =P

Hehe =P Shu Jun xD =P

Heh =D


May 30, 2009

Two Taste The Salmon Salmonella

Wee.. I'm Here =P

I Reached Around 3 P.M.
The Environment Here , Feels Different 
Eventhough I Was Here 6 Months Ago o.o
But I Still Like It =D

Well , I'mma Rest Now =P
This Is My Sister's Wall xD


May 27, 2009

Tragedy Is A Parody

I Like This Picture

No Major Editing
No Extra Blurring Effect
Straight From The Cam With Increase In Saturation  And Contrast

Lol , Anyway =P

Today I Went To OU Twice
The First Time , I Went Alone
Second Time , I Went With Nicole =P

Generally ,  I Need Help In Picking Clothes xD
I'm Really Fickle Minded
When I Look At A Shirt , I'll Go , Yea It's Nice
But, Hmmm * Thinks For A Really Long Time * =.=

It Was Kinda Enjoyable To Shop With Nicole
She Isn't The Fussy Type Of Girl When It Comes To Shopping
So It Is Actually Really Easy To Shop With Her xD

But In The End , We Didn't Buy Anything
Cause We Ran Out Of Time

We Went To OU Only At 8.30 -.-
Had An Hour Thirty Minutes To Shop =P

Wasn't Enough =P Knowing How Much We Played A Fool xD 
Or Maybe It Was Just Me Who Played A Fool xD

Anyway =P
Will Be Going Again Tmrw =P
Hope My Day Will Be Productive Tmrw =(
Well , That's All For Now =P

Shenn xD

May 26, 2009

Winter In The Summers

I Made My Mom Drop Me At My Old Secondary School
So That I Could Take Pictures While I Walk My Way Back Home =P

Weird But Whatever La.. 
Seriously.. This Has Been The Most Unproductive Holiday I Have Ever Been Through


Anyway.. Right After She Dropped Me
I Stumbled Upon This Plant That I Really Really Liked
I Don''t Know Why ..
But I Really Liked It

There Isn't Any Flower Or Whatever
ButTo Me , It's Just Darn Interesting To Look At

It's Nice
=.= I Know ..I'm Weird Right 

And From These Two Pictures Below
Yeap -.-

The Arrows Somehow Look Weird o.o =P xD
I'm Abit Off Now.. So Don't Mind Me

Ouh.. And In The Picture Below .. 
It Was At An 'Apparently' Abandoned House
Yes.. There Is A Car Infront Of The House
But When I Tried Peeping In
There Wasn't Anyone

I Could Practically Feel Shivers Down My Spine
No Joke.. It Was Scary o.o

Well.. That's All For Now From My Unproductive Holiday



May 25, 2009

Pluggable Brain , Disturbed Stream

Ouh Freak.. I Can Feel It Cracking o.o

Random Picture xD

" This Is Just For Me , Myself And I..

What Much Is There To Say ?
It Was Like Chasing A Muscle Car xD
You Lose =( "

This Post Is Weird..


Break The Light

The Lil Curious Dog Ah Fook =P


May 23, 2009

Woah.. Wah.. Cool.. Not -.-

Daniel Enjoying His Nips =P

LoL.. Took These Pictures After The Exams..

Really Random

And This Is The Million Dollar Shot Of Je Huey =P
Priceless Expression =P

For This Shot.. Look At What Daniel Is Doing =.=
=P Yes.. Really Random

You Could Actually See That The Guy Behind The Window Was Laughing At Us xD

Hehe.. Ok.. Now We're Waiting For Vino's SMS
Before We Can Confirm If We Are Going To Sungei Wang

BoreEed..I Feel Like City Scaping xD 


I'll Try To Upload More Pics Soon o.o

Shenn =(=

May 22, 2009


Streetlight Star

Exams Are Over =D
Huurrraaayy * Slaps Ownself *

Well.. I'm Not Confident For Physics , ESL And Maths
Gone Gone Sleep Sleep =( xD


But Anywhoooo
I'm Just Going To Try Harder Next Time =9 =(

Here Are Some Pics That I Took The Other Day When I Got Locked Out Of My House xD
* I Was Out With Saachi On Saturday To Help Him With His Project =P
Kinda Cool ..

Then When I Got Home
My Parents Were Out Already
I'd Usually Bring The Keys

But Just So Happen For That Day I Left Them In My College Bag >.>
Nice =.=

Boredooom.. As Usual

So .. I Got Two Weeks Of Holiday Ahead Of Me Now
I Feel Like Going Jb =)

Just For The Fun Of It
I'll Prolly Stay In My Sister's Place xD
And Be The Parasite Brother =P

Who Knows xD
I Might Even See ..............
Haha..The PDC Girl =P xD Bahaha

Joking xD

And And.. 
oOo.. Kris Won >.>

Well.. I Wished Adam Lambert Won.. Blah
Well.. Let Bygones Be Bygones
Don't Want To Be A Bitter Gourd At The Moment =.= 

But Still.. Adam Has A Damn Good Voice xD

My Parents Just Got Back =P

Well.. That's All For Now =P

Sleep Sleep.. Sleep Without Guilt


May 16, 2009

The Thoughts In Your Mind

Look At What Boredom Has Done To Me
Blaaaahh .. I'm High =.=

I'm Listening To Jack Johnson's Album For The 11th Time 
La La La

Bella Che Fa ? =P

OuH , And If You Can.. Click On The Picture Below
I Changed Something .. See If You Can Notice It =P
*Hint * It's A Bit Perverted * xD

I'm Bored.. La La La
I'm Suppose To Be Studying >.<

One More Thing
My Blog Is Going To Die xD
I Have 5% Of Space Left

It's Either I Delete Some Of My Old Post
Or.. Errr
Something La xD

Well , I Went Out With Saachi Just Now
To Help Him With His Documentary
Took A Few Pics

I'll Try To Upload Them By Tmrw

Well , That's All For Now

Sean =P

May 15, 2009

The Confusing Straight Forward Answer

The Acne Problem ' Darth Maul '

LoL.. Star Wars
Reminds Me Of Physics , When Mr. Yong ( Physics Teacher )
Was Trying To Teach Us A Way To Convert Joules To eV ( Electron Volt )

He Suggested Of The Abbreviation JED1 ( Jedi ) 
Which Stands For
Joules per Electron Divide by 1.6x10^-19
Which I Thought Was Kinda Cool La xD 

At First.. He Said It Would Sound Corny
But Most Of Us Found It Funny Instead Of Corny

But Shu Jun On The Other Hand =P
Misheard Corny With Horny xD

She Was Wondering Why Mr. Yong Said It Would Sound Horny
xD Silly =P Yet Adorable
LoL .. Shu Jun Shu Jun =P

Innocent But Not So Innocent xD
Paradoxical Situation

Anyway.. I Miss Playing Star Wars..
The Force Unleashed

The Game Daniel Got Me Addicted Too
But Semester 1 Exams Are Next Week Already


That's All For Now =(=


Sasur Mename

Only 3 Pics From Nicole's Party
My External Flash Had Problems

Well .. It Wasn't Spoiled
But 1 Of The Battery Died

Cause Of That , I Didn't Really Have The Mood To Take Pics =(
Sry =P Sorry Nic

LoL But Nic..
Hope You'll Think Of Jafri And Me
When You Go MPH xD

You Better Think Of Us >.> =P 
Joking xD * In A Way *

Happy Belated Birthday Nicole =P
You Are 18 Already =)
Next Thing You Know
You'll Be 50
Facing Mid Life Crisis
Joking xD

Enjoy Life K? =)
Smileee =D


Candid Shot Of Jafri With Nicole Sneaking Up From the Back


May 12, 2009

Waiting To See

Pictures From Sue Ann's And Kar Yann's Surprise Birthday Party =P
I Won't Write Much =P

Kinda Busy Right Now =(
Sorry Sorry

But I'll Just Keep It Short And Simple La
Party Was Good.. Company Was Good.. The Whole Thing Was Good.. Ok =P That's All xD

It's Been Quite A While Since I Last Hanged Out With Them

Congratulations Vinod xD 
Future Doctor xD

Random Portraits

xD =P

The Guys xD

Jafri And Karam

Group Pic Using The Remote

Vivi Baanu And Sue Ann =P

LoL , Look At Sanoj's Hand
Look At Vino's Face Now =P

Awww =P


TTDI-ians , Ex TTDI-ians & Dj-ian

I Got Nothing Much To Say xD
I'm Rushing Now Actually

Kar Yann Is Wearing Her Birthday Hat =P
The One Jafri And I Bought xD

Kar Yann Took This Pic =P

=P Awwww

Sue Ann Had To Stand On The Chair Just To Be At Equal Height With Gurtej

Same With Vivi

Baanu Was High =P

Hehe .. Sorry