December 6, 2008

Hello My Dear xD

*Group Pictures From The 2nd Day In Genting Before Going To The Theme Park*

Well.. The Night Before The 2nd Day In Genting
I Was Wasted.. Totally Wasted =.=
I Could Still Think Straight La At That Time
But The Continuous Puking -.- OmG

Therefore , I Vow Not To Drink Again =.=
Well.. Won't Drink Vodka Or Whiski Or Anything Along Those Lines Again..
But Maybe I'll Still Drink Wine La =) xD

I Promise To Drink In Moderation o.o?
Haha ..

Well.. Tim Brought A 42% Vodka Thingy * I Actually Forgotten The Name Of The Brand *
And Made Us Take Straight Shots Of It =.= Tim Gave Me 4 Shots-.-

Geez Man.. Lucky Me That I Didn't Do Anything Stupid Or Outrageous..
Only Thing Was My Stomach Was Out Of Control

Reshvin On The Other Hand
Pro =.= Drink But Still Normal
He Is Used To It.. Well.. Punjabs.. 
Got To Give It To Them =P

Haha.. Happy Though That I Didn't Lose Myself o.o
Was Still Able To Think Straight And Remember Everything That Happened

LoL.. Tim Tim =P
Couldn't Find The Hole Eih xD?

Haha.. After I Vomitted The First Time
I Cleaned Myself Up , Calmed Myself Down
And Took A Nap On The Couch

A Few Minutes After That o.o
I Woke Up Again And Dashed To The Toilet
I Was About To Vomit Again =.=

The Pathway To The Toilet I Used Was Actually Slippery
Cause Vinod Just Cleaned It..
So.. You Know La..  
Slippery = Run Fast = Great Fall
* Now Have A Scar On My Right Hand T.T * 

The Only Thing I Could Remember From That Moment Was
Surendran Saying..
" Jo .. Jo.. Sean Going To Vomit Wei "
* Sean Falls *
" Jo .. Someone Help Him Wei "
*No Help Arrived* xD

Apparently .. They Just Stood There And Stare At Me xD
LoL.. But Thank Goodness Actually La..

Without Vinod , Su , Karam and Reshvin ..
Everything Would Have Gone Out Of Control.. 
So I Thank Them For Doing What They Did..
Taking Care Of Us And.. Standing There To Laugh At Me When I Fell

Memories.. Fond Fond Memories xD
Well.. I'm Now In Jb.. So Far So Good =)
Going Singapore Tmrw..
WeEe =)

That's All For Now? =P


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