December 11, 2008

Let's Form An Equation =)

Sentosa Island Was Actually
A Sight Plain To See
Well.. Maybe To Me La

Had No Inspiration To Shoot Anything At All When I Was There
It Was Just ..  Walking Walking Walking..
Waiting And Hoping For Something Interesting To Happen

Apparently.. Sentosa Island.. Or Maybe.. Harbour Front
Wait.. I'm Not Sure.. Somewhere There La.. I'm Confused.. **
Is Still Under Construction At One Part
Not Sure What They Building Also

Well.. Altogether.. Sentosa Island Was A Bit Of A Disappointment To Me
Maybe It Was Just Me Or Something
Should Have Just Went To The Zoo..
Heard That It Was Quite Interesting..

Anyway.. I Still Want To Go Back To Singapore
And Explore ..

Anyone Want To Follow? =P

My Fam With The Merilion Lion 

No Madam...I Was Looking At Your Dog

My Parents On The Sky Ride
The Sky Ride Is Pretty Enjoyable =P

Man Made Beach =O

Will Continue Blogging About My Trip To Singapore Soon


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