January 27, 2008

Cat A List

These Are Old Shots
Taken On The Overhead Bridge Near Pizza Hut TTDI =P

I'm Going Back There Again
Cause I'm Not Satisfied
Both With My Composition And The Light Trails =P

Shenn =P

Reminds Me Of Sony Alpha

January 26, 2008

Twinkle Twinkle

Ahhh .. I Used The Canon A640 Compact Camera
Gosh.. I'm So Disappointed =\

* Simpsons' Theme Tune Plays *

92 Students Of SMK TTDI Got Themselves A Chance
To Witness The Malaysia Philharmonic Orchestra This Year =P


* Batman And Robin's Theme Tune Plays *

And And And..
The Star Wars Imperial March Theme
oOo.. For Big Star Wars Fans.. You Would Love It =P

* James Bond's Movie Theme Tune Plays *

Especially The Star Wars Episode 4 Tune
Where They Were In The Bar

* Austin Power's Theme Tunes Plays * =P

Luke Was About To Meet Han Solo =P
Damn Chun Wei They Play =D

I Liked It Two Years Back
And I Still Like It Now =P

Among All My Shots
There Were Only 2 That I Am Satisfied With =P


January 25, 2008

Pumpkin Smasher


This Post Is Like o.o
So Last Year * Bimbo Style * =P Joking

Anyway.. I'm Just Going To Put Up A Few Pictures I Took (On the 12/12/07)..
I'm Lazy xD =P


I Went Out With Han Liang And His Bro..
* Who Just Went Back To Australia.. Like A Week Ago *

For .. Lunch
Yea.. Lunch =P

We Then Played Baseball.. And..
Went Shopping For Undies =P

When You Miss.. Just Do The Peace Sign xD =P

That's His Bro =P Mj

What Is That xD? =P

* Shopping For .............=P *


January 22, 2008

The Fat Fellow Is Thin

Pictures Taken In Japan =)

Anyway.. For The Past.. 11 Years
I Have Got Many People Pronouncing My Name Wrongly

Some Go
* Seen *

Others Go
*See N*

But The Most Famous 1
* Sien *

GOSH... Hellooooo
Haven't Watch James Bond Before?

Rhymes With John * Obviously Sean Better La * =P
xD Joking Joking =P

Anyway.. My Point Is..
Don't Go Laughing>.>

Even Teachers Pronounce My Name Wrongly =.=
zZz =P

But Look At This La =P
*Click To Enlarge Picture*

Now.. That Is Funny.. How Is It Possible.. From
Sean Ng Sze Shenn
It Becomes Sean Ng Zsze Shee o.o
=.= Throughout My Whole Stay In Japan
My Name Was Spelled Like That =P

xD Ha Ha Ha Ha =.=
Here's Another =P
We Apologize For Any Convenience Caused =P
* Some Brick Falls On You And All They'll Do Is Just So.. Hey.. We've Warned You Already *

Anyway.. This Is Just A Small Update
I've Just Finished *Cleaning* My Japan Pictures
So Hopefully.. I'll Update On The 5th Day Soon
HOPE.. I Tend To Procrastinate =)
So Yea =P xD


I Still Love This Picture xD
Picture Edited By Julina aka Just Juls


January 20, 2008

Happy Dreaming Sadness

Do Click To Enlarge The Top Picture ^^
You Will See That It Says
Project Reviving Soon ..

Ok.. Yea.. They Hung That Big Banner Thingy Like..
Half A Year Ago..

I Wonder How They Define Soon o.o
*Soon = 1 Year Time?*
I Say.. That Abandoned Building Makes Taman Tun Dr. Ismail Weird
* Building Was Left Abandoned For MANY YEARS .. I think.. I Say More Then Ten ..
But I Don't Think I'm Trustable
Ten Years Ago I Was Still Drinking Milk Through A Bottle =P *

Well.. For Those Of You.. Who Doesn't Know Where Taman Tun Is..
It's Located RIGHT Beside Bandar Utama..
Border Of Kuala Lumpur And Selangor..
Quite Obvious.. Can Say.. Beside Bukit Kiara Too...
But Mainly.. Bandar Utama..

But What I Hate The Most Is...
* Read Conversation Below *
Sean: I'm From Taman Tun..
Fellow : Yea.. Ok.. Cool * Smiles *
Sean:You Know Where Taman Tun Is?
Fellow:Err... No =P Sorry..
Sean: It's Right Beside Bandar Utama
Fellow: OUH.. YAAA....Where One Utama Is.. Yea.. =D
Sean: zZz

I Still Say Taman Tun Is Damn Beautiful =)
And I Like It Here.. It Ain't That Far From One Utama xD
It's Just Convenient Staying Here =) =P

Plus.. This Is Where.. My Sisters And I Grew Up..
So We Partially Know Taman Tun Really Well
* Well.. =P I Can't Remember The Name Of The Roads La *

Cool Staying Here =)


January 18, 2008

Jafri's Idea

I'm Updating For The Sake Of Updating xD =P

Joking xD

Anyway.. I Went To The Barber To Cut My Hair
Senget Wei =P

And On The Way Back From The Barber
I Noticed A Tape On The Road In Front Of Someone's House..

IRONIC =P Ringrose Kindergarten
I Hated The Uniforms=.=
Reminded Me Of Table Cloths =P

So Far.. I Found Only 4 People From My Year That Went To Ringrose
1 Jun Hsien.. 2 Charmaine Liew ..
3 Hong Yen.. And 4 Li Shean ( I Don't Talk To Her , But I Just Know Her )
That Is All ( At The Moment ) xD
*Click To Enlarge*

Picture Taken When I Was Bored

My Dog Hates Saturdays =P
Don't Understand Why XP

Shenn =

First With The Pain

I'm Out Of Ideas
And I Seriously Got Nothing To Say

Today Is Suppose To Be A Cheerful Day
But I'm Actually Partially Damn Uber Sad

And I'm Not Sure Why

* Sigh *
Somehow I Miss Taking Pictures For School Events

Wait Wait
I Take My Words Back

It Goes Like This Actually
" Somehow I Miss Bringing My Camera To School"
" To Take Pictures Of My Friends "


Yea =\

But Well
All Good Things Come To An End =)


January 13, 2008

Morning Dinner

Sorry Foo Kong xD
I Couldn't Resist Uploading This Picture Up xD

Remember The Time When I Said I Was Going To Start Learning How To Draw Soon =P
I Guess .. Maybe It's Just Not My Thing xD =P

Was Chatting With * Katana * That Day xD =P
And.. I Started Drawing Random Pictures Using The Msn Draw Tool Thing xD

Senseless Pictures And Funny Drawings Make Me Look Like ..
I'm Some Kind Of 4 Year Old Trying To Draw
And Hey=.= I'm Not Surprised They Can Draw Better Then Me

My Master Pieces xD

Anyway =P
I'm Still Lazy To Update About My Japan Trip


This Is Alex =P

And This Is Triston =P

My Fellow Photography Buddies =)

Haha =P
I Edited This Picture For Nicole xD
Was Bored =P

Shenn =P

January 10, 2008

Every Step I Take

Kevin Jumping - Imran Kicking

=P I'm Practically Very Lazy To Update My Blog =P
It's Not That I Don't Want To..

It Is Just Because .. I Got Nothing To Update About YET..
=P Hopefully xD

Anyway.. EUPHORIA =)
I Hope It Happens ..
We're Putting So Much Effort In It =)

Hehe .. What's Euphoria?
You Got To Wait =P


Ps.. My Dog .. Is Seriously Spoiled..
With Attention =P

January 5, 2008

I Just Can't Refuse It

My Goodness..
I Almost Forgotten About Me And Jafri's Visit To The Comic Fest At Times Square =P
Anyway .. Yea.. Me And Jaf..

Went To The Comic Fest 07
Quite Funny =P

I Like The Illustration Of Jafri xD

Anyway.. It's Cool..
VERY COOL.. To See Talented People Draw And All..

=\ I Guess I Might Learn Illustration Soon
For My Photography o.o

I Know It'll Be Hard..
But It Takes Time =P

I'll Try When I Have The Time * Procrastinating *

After The Comic Fest..
Me And Jafri Walked To..
The Pavilion For Doughnuts
* We Got Lost.. We Asked 3 Guards For Directions .. And Even Called My Dad *
* Still Lost *

Yea.. In The End..
When We Reached The Pavilion..
We Ended Up With Just Ice Lemon Tea.. zZz.. =P