September 21, 2007

Would You Rather?

For This Post =P
I'll Post Up A Picture
Which To Many Might Be Disgusting

So .. If You Think You Won't Be Able To Handle It =P
It Is Best You Leave Now o.o?
If You're Up To It.. Yea..
Please Scroll Down To The Last Two Pictures Of This Post =P

1.It's Like Saying .. The Drugs Killed Abdul Ghafar Taib xD
2. Step To Your Grave
3. * I Won't Say It * It's To Crude xD

Isn't That Obvious?
Auckland Is New Zealand
Maybe IN New Zealand More Acceptable La =P

Anyway.. Went To Menara Star For Advertising Again


Jafri: You See Those Billboards There.. There's A Gap In Between
And Ironically The Billboard On The Left Is Gap

And HERE COMES THE Picture ..

You Ready?

If You're Not.. Just Leave xD

Someone's Toe
* See.. I Didn't Mention Your Name * xD

It's Someone Else's Hand Touching It xD

That's All For Now =)

Shenn =P

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