September 12, 2007

Please Be Careful Of What Comes Out From Your Mouth =P

I'm Seriously Slow With Updating My Blog Nowadays =.=
So.. I'm Sorry =P

Anyway.. Last Week.. Sept 06
I Went To Cineleisure With Jafri

He Posed For Me =D Great Friend La =P

And Look At How He Spelled My Name=P

After Bowling.. We Went To Starbucks

His Eyes Are Red o.o Side Effects Of Coffee =P

Jafri : 'Wei.. Damn Nice Wei The Drink'

Jafri : 'Damn Filling Wei The Drink'

Jafri : ' OMG.. Stomach Ache ' =P
Actually.. Jafri Laughing At Me>.> =P

Because.. While I Was Taking Pictures Of The 'Zon Sita' Sign >.>
I Murmured To Myself..

Damn Stupid Wei Malaysian Drivers =P
I Mean.. Honestly.. There Are So Many Warning Signs There..
Right At That Moment When I Said That..
A Guy Passed By And Looked At Me Weirdly.. o.o =P


Yea.. Jafri Couldn't Stop Laughing At Me>.> =P

Shenn =P

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