September 17, 2007

Just One Form =P

As I Promised
Yea .. I Would Update My Blog =P

However.. The Quality Of The Pictures..
Yea.. For Me.. I Wasn't Satisfied..

But It's Ok La..

It's Just A Hobby ..
And I Had A Lot Fun On That Friday Night

Yea Sanoj =P Look At His Eyes =P

Eat It =P

Tsk Tsk Tsk =P

Hmm.. This Is Just The First Picture For Now Of Vinod
Yeaup.. There'll Be More =P

He Looks o.o? I'm Lost For Words xD

One Of The Most Civilized .... I've Seen =)
And That's The Way It Should It Be

Looks Like A Girl With A Wig =P

He Finds Joy In It =P


Hopefully We Put A Smile On His Face?

I Mean..
Imagine How Boring It Is ..
Standing There.. Stoning All Day Long..
I Do Hope We Did =)

Acting Scene #1

Acting Scene #2 =P

Anyway.. When We Tried To Find Our Way To The Management's Office
The Guard Told Us.. To Turn Right At The Pillar
The Funny Thing Was..
That Pillar.. Is Like 1 Out Of The 5 Pillars They Had There On The Same Floor =P

' I Can't Be A Mannequin La.. I'm ..... ' * He Said It Himself xD *

Do You See Potential? Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.. JkJk xD

WoOo.. What's The First Thing That Comes To Your Head?

Shell Boy >=D

Don't Mess .. *Scribble Scribble Something*

Vroom.. Seriously..

Boys Will Be Boys? * Jafri Constipating * =P

Easily Amused By The Simple Things

Look At That =P 16 Year Old Boys Wei

Play Me A Melody ~~

They Actually Rode It
If I'm Not Mistaken
They Inserted .. 2 Ringgit For It

Sanoj Enjoys It >=P

I Think Sanoj Has Already Lost Hope On Girls =P


The Victim Is Still Smiling Somehow

Eih.. China Man.. Thats A Paper.. Not Plastic xD

Yeaup.. You're Correct Now

Great Friends =D

Jumping Shots Are Fun

Huh? Holy? But .. His Gay With.. xD

o.o When I First Looked At This Picture..
I Thought He Was On Drugs On Something xD =P
But Nah.. His A Good Boy.. RIGHT? =P

That's Not Where Your Nostrils Are

Picture By Tim **




I Think What I Said Before Was Correct
He Lost Hope On Girls xD Jk =P

Who's More Handsome =P

I Think He/She/It Is

>.> Cough*

=P I Think.. If Timothy Or Jafri Would Have Touch It
It Would Be Allowed =P xD Sry Sanoj =P

That's All For Now

Shenn =P

Sorry Ya Sanoj xD..
If You Want Me To Change The Quotes..
Do Tell Me xD Sry

Lovely Colours =D

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