September 19, 2007

Paranoid -.-

izzi Had This.. Special Offer For Two Days
Where For Every Food Purchased.. There's A 75% Discount

Sounds Nice Right? =P
Look How Nice IT Is

I Remembered
Half Way Looking Through The Menu..
I Thought To Myself..
Sheet.. No Budget>.>

Suddenly.. Somebody Voiced Out..
OuH.. Today There's A Special Offer.. 75%

WaAaH o.o =P

But Who Cares?
I Didn't Really Even Eat Much Also

Most Of The Time.. Was Busy Either Talking Or Taking Pictures

Everyone There Were Actually Strangers To Me

But.. Yea.. They Were Friendly

They're Even Very .. Easy To Talk To..

Random Shot =P

Paul Seriously Has A Lot Of Friends

This Looks Like A Beer Jug Right?=P
It's Actually For Ice Lemon Tea..
And It's Made Out Of Plastic xD

=D The Guy Is From TTDI..
And The Girl.. Somehow..
I Think I've Seen Her Before

' John ' =P

What To Eat? What To Eat? Chicken Rice?

It's An Italian Cuisine Something Restaurant Actually..
Or Was It French? Both? I Can't Really Remember

Awwww =P


Sorry About One Of The Missing Head

Looking Back At These Pictures Makes Me Feel Like Going Back There Again xD

=P The Fun Part
His Birthday Was On The 5th Of September
So.. Everyone Surprised Him With A Cake..


Err.. They Even Did The Same For Me
Haha.. Thank You Levine =D

The Cake They're Holding Was The Cake Lev Got For Me

Another Photographer =P

After izzi
We Went To The Curve

And Played Bowling..
I Totally Embarrassed Myself
But I'm Not Going To Talk About It =P

This Picture Wasn't That Good
Because I Wasn't Using A Zoom Lens
So Yea.. Had To Take From Far

The End ^^ =P


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