September 30, 2007


Had A Freaking Bad Head Ache On Friday..
Just That I Didn't Want Tell =P
Thanks Anyway Levine.. For Getting Me The Medicine

Anyway.. Quite A Number Of Us..
Went For ELC's Interact Night

His Always Smiling =)



I Seriously Got Nothing To Say xD

And .. Surprise Surprise..
Our First Time Seeing
Tanuja Dance o.o * Cough * xD

*Pictures By Nikki*

Nikki And Li May

Damn Nice Right xD Li May's Hand xD

* 1 -0 * =P

Ghost And Waiter =P

Sorry Grace xD

Sha Lynn

Rachel -.- Emo-ing

The Drunken Dancing Girl =P

Grace *

Audrey o.o What are you trying to cover? =P

* Continuous Shots Picture * =P

No Comment xD

Innocent Looking?

You're Wrong =P

Debra Looks.. Bluuuuuuuuuuurrrrr =P

* To : Ashley * If You Want The ORI Pic.. Just Ask Me *

Tim Dealing With His Hair

Can't Believe He Got Slapped By A Boy xD

* Same Smile No1 *

* Same Smile No2 *

Damn.. Not The Same Smile>.>

Puffy PMS Girl =P Sry Vivi =P Jk K? xD =P

Vivian Looks Like She Is Struggling To Smile =P


Sanoj =P

I Still Won't Deny That Ashley Is A PoOoSeEeR xD =P

That's All For Now =P


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