September 8, 2007

Hope So La

If He Is Covering His Mouth..
How Is He Talking On The Phone? =P

Right After The Sasteramas Thingy
Went To O.U. For An Interact Meeting

'I Love The Lens Levine Bought For Me La.. Awesome' Thx Bro '

OAG - They Were Singing Generasiku

I'm Not Going To Say Anything
Prolly.. If What I'll Say Is Lame..
He Will Be Like
=O Aww Jokes.. =P
But Whatever I Say Anyway Is All Lame xD =P
So Yea.. Go Ahead Vinod =.=

Green Straw = Starbucks

Yeaup .. The Meeting Was Held At Starbucks

Vinod : ' Look At Sanoj's Hand Movement '
Sean : Huh ? o.o
Ok.. Just Look At His Hand First..
And Now..........Yea.......... Movement

If I'm Not Mistaken
The Community Director For The Interact Club Of SMKDU

May Lee =P President Of The Interact Club Of ELC International School

Kevin President Of The Interact Club Of SMKDU

Err.. Sry>.< I Forgotten

For A Girl With Such A Big Mouth
She Has Such Small Ears xD

Tim.. Taking A Moment

Cute? o.o He Said One Part Of Him Is Gay
We Said.. Yea.. But Lucky His Gay Partner Is Sanoj xD

Trying The Zooming Out Thingy

President May Lee And President Tanuja Conversing
The Middle One Cacat 1 =P


Seriously.. I Think I Have Like..
More Than A Thousand Pictures Of Him
And When I Mean More Than A Thousand.. Yea
I'm Not Lying o.o

Looking At This Picture Reminds Me Of What We Did For English The Other Day

' As Rude As Malaysian Drivers ' =P

Hmm.. She Looks Like May Lee Actually
But Obviously May Lee Better La xD
Sorry Vivian xD

After The Meeting
Tim Went For A Round Of Baseball

You Have To Excuse Me Yea..
When I Took These Pictures
I Actually Stood Behind The Green Fence Thingy

So If You Notice The Distractions Of Green Colours
Yea.. It's The Fence

He Didn't Wear The Helmet Through Out The Whole Thing

By Looking At The Pictures Of Timothy =P
What Can You Conclude? xD

Haha.. Thx Anyway Tim For The Awesome Wallet =D
I Appreciate It

Shenn =P

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