September 8, 2007

Sorry LaAa =P

Hmm.. That Saturday Was A Tiring One

After Baseball With Tim..
I Went And Visit Aida And Alisha
They Were On Duty For Taking Care Of The Booth

A Dude From Another State

A Dudette From Another State

She Supports The 3R Principles =D

Najib Even Dropped By To Visit Aida And Alisha

They Were Looking At The Booth

o.o Creepy? o.o

Cheerful =D

The Longest Mural Drawn On Recycled Materials.. Or Was It Paper Alone

For Primary School Students

They Are Really Good

The M.C.

And That's Chin Yang
He Looks Like A Primary School Student Right?
But He's Actually Form 1 =P


Picture By Timothy

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