September 20, 2007

Ain't No Bulger -.-zZz

One Of The Most Joyous Event Ever Held In Our School =D

Some Skipped Class Just To Be Part Of It

While Others .. Could Only Just Look Out..

He's Got A Camera Ready For Recording =P

And Ashley Is Just A Poser =P

SPM Coming La Wei

Students From Australia Dropped By
To Have A Look At Our School?

Probably..But From My Point Of View.. I Think Laaa
It Was Just To Get To Know A Little More About Our Culture?

It Wasn't Hard Though..
They're All Really Friendly People =)
Seriously =)

Hopefully They Did Enjoy Their Visit

There Were Performances For Them

Quite A Number

They Were Even Given The Chance To Try It*Kompang* Out

Look At Her Eye =D

La La La La

Got To Excuse Me Yet Again =P

I'm Lost For Words >.>

Arina Helping Out In A Game

Slipper Throwing =D ????

I'm Not Really Sure What It's Called xD Sorry..

Laughing Out Loud =D

Hmm.. I Remembered The Last Time I Played The Marble Throwing Thing..
I Can't Believe I Actually Broke The Marble .. IN TO TWO o.o

Jakun.. *Excluding The Guy* xD

Can You See The Slipper In Motion?

Batu Seremban


Suet Yen * Girl In Between * Is Happy o.o =P xD

This Guy.. Is Seriously Damn Friendly
And Sporting.. Rock On Dude

Plus.. His Also Damn Tall xD

Well.. The Day Didn't Really Last Long

There Were Seriously A Lot Of Group Picture Taking

=P The Girl On The Most Left =P Looks Like xD
Nevermind =P I Won't Say Anything Bad For This Time Alisha xD

Exchanging Info ?? =P

That's All For Now =)


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