September 27, 2007

Should We Cross?

* Saturday Night
Me And Paul Went To Dataran Merdeka~~

AaAah.. My Shots Weren't Nice At All =(
Most Were Blur * Due To Shake *
LoL.. I Seriously Need A Mini Tripod

Noob Shot =P I Did The Zoom Thing For Fun =P

Bro Taking Pics Of The Lights

You Go That Way I Go This Way

Me And Paul Also Actually Decided To Walk From 1 Station To 1 Station
Happening To Forget That.. LRT Was Underground.. We Were Lucky In A Sense That
When We Got Lost Trying To Find Our Way To KLCC..
We Ended Up In Dang Wangi

Sean : Should We Walk? It Looks So Near.. Yet So Far.. Hmm .. Take The LRT?
Paul : Sean.. There Is A Reason Why They Have The LRT .. For Lazy People Like You xD
Sean : *Obviously I Didn't Deny.. I Am A Lazy Boy =P*Ok.. At Least Then I Can Use The Toilet To Wash My Hands *

5 Minutes Later
Sean : This Is Where We.. Damn.. No Soap..

Another 5 Minutes Later
The Train Arrives
Sean : Hmm.. Lets Wait For The Next Train.. Its Full
Paul : Ok

Another 13 Minutes Later
Another Train Arrives
* Paul Entered The LRT Which Was Freaking Full.. And I Was Standing Right Behind Him *
* Beep Beep Beep * The Sliding Door Thingy Closes
Luckily ..He Managed To Dodge -.-
If Not.. He Would Be Barren Then xD =P JkJk =P


Paul : Lets Just Go Back.. Its Full
Sean : Sure xD

But It's Fun Though.. Experience
I Don't Think I Can Ever Experience This With Anyone Else xD

So Thx Bro.. Not A Wasted Day =P

And Seriously.. The Satay At SS2 Is Damn Expensive>.>


Canon Brings Me Further?

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