September 18, 2007

There's Always A Loser

What Will I Ever Be Without Them?

My Friends Are Also 1 Of The Reason Why I Love Photography So Much =)

Half Way Through The Whole Process Of Trying To Figure Out
What I Should Take For The Canon Teen Expression Thingy

I Really Just Felt Like Giving Up
The Ideas Just Can't Seem To Be Coming..

But.. In The End.. With The Help Of Great Friends =)
I Did Not Only Get Like.. Funny Pictures? But I Had Loads Of Fun =)

I Believe That's The Best Reward Ever =)

After Everything
I Submitted These 5 Pictures
And Hopefully Either 1 Of Them Will Get To Make It Through

My Sporting Friends =)
Always Helpful..

Always Creative

Always Crazy? xD =D

My Favorite Picture Among All =P
I Seriously Hope This Will Make It Through xD

Jafri , Vinod , Gurtej , Timothy , Sanoj , Faez , Nicole , Surendran And Shenn =)

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