March 6, 2009

Your Chicken In My Turkey

It's March Already o.o
Wow.. And 6 Days From Now..
We Will Be Getting Our SPM Results >.<

Damn Scary..
I'm Scared

Anyway..  I Brought My Cam To College On Monday
And Took A Few Pictures Of Ppl ( Random )
*I Was Suppose To Take Pictures Of The SAM Committee But It Was Canceled Last Minute =.= *

These Are Just Some Of Them
I Still Have A Few More =P

But I'll Upload It Slowly
That Would Then Just Give Me A Reason To Blog =P

Ah.. At Least.. There Would Be A One Week Holiday For SAM Students Next Week
* Claps Hand *

BUT.. We'll .. We Have Tons Of Project To Do >.<
Gah =(

So Sad.. SO SAD =(


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