March 24, 2009

Multitasking Hair Ball

Hello Helluu..
Well.. My Phone Is Officially Dead..

Dead As In.. The Screen Can't Seem To Work
My Visually Impaired? .. Phone =(

The Phone Still Works La..
Like , If You Want To Play Songs , 
You Just Have To Press The Correct Buttons And All

And If Someone Calls , You Can Still Pick Up
Just That You Don't Know Who Is Actually Calling Before Hand =.=
SaAaD =.= It Died During Maths
I Think It's A Sign..


Anyway.. These Pictures..
The B&W Ones ..
Supposedly For The Taylor's SAM Magazine

I Can't Post Up The Other Pictures 
Because It's Confidential =P

Hehe.. I'm Still Loving My Class =P

Burst Shots Of Shu Jun =P

And Sandra =P

Hehe .. Tmrw Prolly Going To Have Another Shoot =)
Hope It'll Turn Out Great Again xD =P


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