March 6, 2009

Along 20 To The 40

LoL.. More Pictures From Monday =P
The Sky Was Really Blue On That Day

Sadly, I Didn't Know How To Get The Best Of It From My Cam >.<
I'm Still... Trying To Configure The Cam * The Custom Functions *
So That I Can Get The Best Without Having Struggle While Editing The Pictures In Photoshop =P >.<


Anyway.. These Are My College Buddies =P
Manissa =P Vivienne And Peh Ge =P

Manissa And Vivienne Are Both From D.U. * From A Different Class * 
And Peh Ge =P Is My Class Mate =P

Well.. I Forced Them To Pose =P
So Yeah xD Thank You Thank You =P

Vivi And Vino .. LoL
LoL.. Vino Is The Guy Who Gets Bullied The Most In class=P
We Don't Know Why .. But He Is Just Really Vulnerable

He Is A Good Guy La.. At Least He Doesn't Retaliate Or Take It TOO Seriously xD

Hehe.. I'll Post Up Pictures Taken During The SAM Fiesta ASAP
=P I'm Still Taking It Slowly

Blah.. Oh Yea..
I Think I Want To Buy A New Shoe =P

Hehe.. Yes =P .. This Time .. Not White =X
A Small Change?

Nah.. White Will Still Be My Fav Colour =)
Any Suggestions? xD

Well , That's All For Now =P


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