March 28, 2009

Is It Settled Yet?

Presenting , G2's 'Babest Of All Babes' =P
* As Stated By Daniel And Sean * xD

We Were Just Playing A Fool =P
As Usual.. 

Anyway , On Friday , When I Was Suppose To Meet Up With My Friend For Brunch
Shu Jun Was Curious To See Who I Was Going To Go Out With

But In The End =P She Didn't Manage xD
Because  The 'Appointment' Got Canceled Last Minute..
She Even Skipped Lunch Just For It xD
Sry Shu Jun xD But , Haha =P

There's A Story Behind It All La.. Dum Dum Dum =P

Haha.. Nvm =P Anyway, I Got To Get Back To My ESL Work Draft Thingy
I'm Only A Quarter Way Through =(


Shu Jun's Hand

Shu Jun The Happy Go Lucky Girl =P


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