March 16, 2009

Space-d Out

I Can't Remember The Band's Name =P
Oops xD But , The Only Thing I Can Remember Is .. 
They Played The Song  "Dear Maria , Count Me In"

Hahaa , I Don't Really Like The Pics I Took Though=/
Blur.. Out Of Focus & Bad Texture
And , It Doesn't Look Natural  At All
Gah.. I Need To Buck Up On The 50mm

X Marks The Spot?

Ok La.. I'm Quite Lazy To Say Much
I'll Just Upload And .. Err.. Stone

I'm Quite Tired Right Now
Planning To Sleep Early ..
But My Definition Of Early .. 
Is Actually Like.. After 12?


I Guess I'll Be Yawning A Lot In Class Tmrw Again =.=

Anyway.. Pics Of The Choir Club

 Acapella All The Way
Clap Clap Clap =P

The Also Sang Save The World , By Micheal Jackson
Not Bad =P The Crowd Sang Along

Wait For It.. WAIT FOR IT

Tadaaaaaaaa =P

Well , That's All For Now La =P
I Want To Go To Bed Already =P

Sorry..Gnite xD

Shenn zZz

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