March 7, 2009

Similar To Chernobyl .. Damn =(

Lol.. All 3 Of Them Are My Seniors*
The Picture Above.. Both Are Also From D.U. 

Su Wei And Faiz *
* Did I  Spell That Correctly? *

And The Picture Below..
Chris =P LoL .. Not Sure If It Is Correct Also xD
But He Was From BU4

Anyway.. Got Tons Of Projects To Do..
And I Haven't Even Started On Any Yet >.<

To Top It Off=.= I Still Can't Stop Thinking About The Coming Thursday =(

LoL .. I'm Feeling So Damn Lazy At The Moment
So Tensed And Stressed Up =.=

Gah.. Karma Karma Karma
I Got Nothing Much To Say =(



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